Computers, accessories, sales & service

Computers, Accessories & Service

CompuElecta   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
CompuElecta has a good selection of computers and accessories, from basic computer owner to tech nerd level. Be aware that most items are made for the Latinamerica market. I have had good luck with my dealings with them. Besides sales they also service computers.
CompuElecta (2494-3449) in Grecia (about 75m south of the SW corner of the main bus station and Musmanni bakery).

posted 18/1/2024

Electrocomp S.A.   ✔✔✔

by Margaret Macik
I recommend Electrocomp S.A. as being the most complete in Grecia for computer parts and repairs as well as related equipment purchases. 100m south & 25 east of the Church. 2494-4204.

Shopping for a new multifunction printer Steve and I went first to Pricesmart. We'd have bought one but they did not yet stock its inks. We stopped by Electrocomp to ask whether they would exchange 3 unopened ink cartridge boxes for my now defunct printer. We found that the shop sells comparable printers. We were given a good efectivo (cash) price and it has a 1 yr guarantee. In a related transaction the owner gave me an approximate value for value exchange on new for old ink cartridges.

Margaret, 8989-0765.
updated 18/1/2024
Apple Products - Sales & Service - Certified Tech

iGenius   ✔✔✔

by Margaret Macik
For Mac users: iGenius is now in Grecia. We recommend iGenius.
Mac technician Manuel Prado sells and services new and used Apple products including Macs, iPhones, iPads etc.
Our 6-year-old MacBook Pro has been overhauled, including a new keyboard and new speakers. Professional, capable and speaking impeccable English this young professional kept appointments and worked with a sense of urgency to get our computer back to us.
Now located 175 meters east of Pali in Grecia. Manuel offers delivery of equipment and accessories in the area for a modest charge. We recommend him without reservation.
Margaret or Steve, 8989-0765.
Manuel Prado ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician)
iGenius - WhatsApp 4200-0707 or 4200-0708
Updated 18/1/2024

Computer Technician/Systems Engineer

Andres Castro Soto   ✔✔✔
I am Andres Castro Soto, a systems engineer with more than ten years of experience in installing and repairing computer systems. I can repair laptop and desktop computers with Windows and MacIntosh operating systems. I prepare and configure networks (wired or wireless), install hardware and software, and do virus cleaning and installation of antivirus programs. I do speak English and am willing to come to your home or have you visit mine.
I can be contacted at 86412152 or at Please feel free to contact Lou Winegrad at 8483-9045 for a recommendation. Other references are available upon request. I hope to hear from you!!! 
updated 10/25/2021

Computer Services - Hardware, software + more

Gordon Klatt   ✔✔✔
by Diane Cooner
Gordon has over 20 years IT experience in the US. He can do hardware repair, laptop screen/keyboard replacement, hard drive replacement, Windows install, data recovery, wireless network setup, and virus/malware removal. His rates are reasonable and he guarantees results!
Gordon did his best to recover info from my multiple hard drive crashes, but it was too late! [Lesson: always back up your hard drive!]. He gets an A++ for effort, however, and he ended up installing a new hard drive and Windows 10 on my 4 year old Acer laptop. A great save! It's like having a new laptop. Gordon can also work remotely on your computer.

Contact him at or call 4034-8466 or 8723-5309.
Updated 18/1/2024

Computer Repairs - Done Remotely

RhinoUnlimited   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
I am pleased to report that Steve Paycher at RhinoUnlimited is a GREAT resource for the computer-challenged (and even the not so challenged but with very challenging computer issues). I scheduled an appointment with Steve - he called me promptly at the agreed time and immediately went to work - remotely - to get my computer back to usable status.
Steve uses the program called LogMeIn, which some readers may have heard of - it's a way for someone at another computer to access your computer. It's a standard tool for most tech support. Sound scary? Actually it's not. Your tech support person must have your express permission to access your computer - you can watch what they are doing the entire time they are working - and once your remote session is over, you must grant access again if there is something else that needs to be worked on.
Anyway, Steve cut to the chase and got right to work. No chatting and padding the time needed. He was totally professional and knows his stuff. I was grateful and relieved to have someone that was able to straighten out my computer without my needing to drop it off somewhere for an unknown number of days.
I would not hesitate to recommend Steve and RhinoUnlimited's excellent service. The rate was reasonable and well worth keeping my blood pressure down by their speedy resolution of my computer problems.
If you have a problem with your computer - as long as you have an Internet connection, Steve can service your computer REMOTELY. Remote Services are payable by credit card. 
Email at   Steve Paycher & Barbara Mazza
Updated 4/8/2022