We’ve noticed that there are a lot of people working to do good things within our adopted local communities. There are many of you out there who do not mind rolling up your sleeves for a good cause. However, there are probably more of you who would be delighted to simply make a financial contribution, especially if it could be made a little easier.

Our objective here is for Que Pasa subscribers to be aware of worthwhile local charities and offer an easier way to make ongoing or one-time contributions. This simplified path should be a real benefit to increasing the results of your fundraising efforts, as well. We therefore offer this Contributions page to spotlight charitable options in our subscriber readership area and connect readers with information about, and links to, those in need.

Keep in mind there are two ways for a person to donate financially:

  1. directly to the individual organizer(s); 
  2. funds can be donated to a bank account

To list a charitable effort:

  1. Listings will only be accepted for charitable efforts benefiting our local Que Pasa readership focus, the cantons of Grecia, Sarchi (Valverde Vega), and Naranjo.
  2. Please provide a name, brief description and/or mission statement to promote your charitable effort (limit this description to 150 words--you may also include up to 3 photos if available). Feel free to include a note about a current project or ongoing need.

Give us information about how contributions can be made:
Option 1) provide information about how donors can give money directly to you; or
Option 2) provide bank account information to which contributions can be made:

Option 2 might sound a bit complicated, but it's not that difficult and you only have to do it once.

Please provide the requirements listed above to me at:

Que Pasa's disclaimer: we are not able to endorse or guarantee the worthiness of any project or effort we include for your consideration. You will be able to read about each cause and decide for yourself as to whether it is worthy of your support. Donors are responsible for their own due diligence.

Pura vida, Donald Davis, editor Que Pasa Grecia

How to Set Up a "Favorita" account at Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
for ongoing donations.


Links to information for local charitable options

Cruz Roja Escuela Llano Grande
Hospital de Grecia Escuela altos de Cajón
Help Flor Save Her Parents Home! new roof old beams
YouCaring Fund - Laurie Barron Strong Missions
Project Linus de Grecia - Baby Blankets and more
Hospital Blanket Photos:
#1 - #2 - #3

Macaw Conservation - Costa Rica
A crowdfunding page to support local efforts by Spanish teacher Isabel Arguello's daughter Rebeca and husband Robert.

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center (formerly known as ZooAve, in Alajuela) has faced visitor restrictions due to the pandemic, meaning 89% of their funding has disappeared. But there is no lockdown on PREVENTING EXTINCTION or RESCUING INJURED  AND ORPHANED ANIMALS! They have continued rescuing wildlife despite the financial pressures, and are receiving more animals than ever as smaller rescue centers close down. It is essential to their survival that they raise $50,000 by December.
Click here to go to their GoFundMe Campaign and make a donation. They have a long ways to go! But they are fulfilling a vital need and deserve support of the community.
posted 10/17/2020

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