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Appliance Repair

MobileDizRo Tec - Roberto Jimenez   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
Fearing that the new noise coming from my washer during the spin cycle was the imminent end of the machine, I fretted about what to do or who to call. A friend mentioned that Roberto had come to her house and serviced 3 different appliances (refrigerator, washer, garbage disposal) for a very decent price, and so I gave him a call.
Roberto happened to be in the Grecia area that day and showed up with his assistant about 1/2 an hour after I called. He gave the washer the once over, ran a quick cycle and pronounced it as working fine - but that my thought about just replacing a bearing would not work, since the model I have is made in China and it's all one unit, so when the time comes I can replace the whole unit or buy another machine. Just learning that tidbit was worth the small bill he charged.
You will need to have some Spanish. But at home service that is quick and honest is worth learning a little Spanish.
posted 7/13/2020
Barber - Estilista/Barbera

Maritza Mora   ✔✔✔

by John Wauson
I have had great luck using Maritza Mora to cut my hair.  She listens to what I want which is not normal for me as I wear my hair a little long, most people just start whacking away.  She also does women's hair and worked wonders with the mother of one of my friends.  Made her feel like a new woman.  Did her hair, her nails, and her face.  She looked great!
Maritza speaks perfect English, is very funny and is located in Santa Gertrudis Norte.  
Her phone is 8479-4574.
posted 6/21/2019  

Beauty Salon/Sala de Belleza   ✔✔✔

Hair, Nails, Pedicures
Yoha Studio
by Linda Soronen
I have had wonderful hair experiences at the studio of Yohana Peralta. She keeps up on the newest of hair styles and colorings. There is always a friendly smile to greet you and her appointments are timely. Prices are very reasonable.

While you are there, have a mani and pedi with her associate, friend and helper, Francini, who is learning English rapidly.
The location is 1block before the hospital, take a left. Her salon is directly opposite a parking lot. On the left side of the road.
Hours are Tuesdays through Saturdays 9am-6pm. 
Phone: 2494-6742

Need a driver?  Her husband gives wonderful prices.
His name is Ermis. Spanish only. Phone: 8831-0126. 

Harmony Beauty Center   ✔✔✔

by Kathleen Fleischer
Harmony Beauty Center, 100 meters east (uphill) from the Cruz Roja on the other side of the street. 
Full service, reasonable priced, 
Carolina is terrific and talented!
Whatsapp   8672 4557   
posted 10/1/2022

Splash Saloon   ✔✔✔

Splash Saloon (yes, Saloon!) is located at the sidewalk level in the pink building, next to the BAC bank, 1 block east of the correos/post office, in downtown Grecia. Ask for Juan.
7009-4118  or  2494-0164
posted 8/21/2022
Beauty Salons/Sala de belleza - Nails

Salon Nails Dani   ✔✔✔

by Linda Katz

I met a Costa Rica woman as we were staying in a house rented by her extended family in Grecia. We got to know her well and I learned that in addition to her job as a dental assistant, she has a salon in her home in Grecia for painting nails. She gave me a manicure and pedicure and did a great job at a price I was quite happy with.    

posted 4/19/2019

Books - English Language - Goodlight Bookstore   ✔✔✔

by Mitzi Stark

Goodlights Books, located in Alajuela near the central park and cathedral, is a good resource for English language used books. The new manager is Rosa Carbalo who worked there many years. Goodlight Bookstore has used books in English and in Spanish, reasonable prices, open daily, has a snack bar and is available for groups or workshops on their covered patio. There are discount shelves and a selection of freebies and you can order books from their Facebook list. They also have art and cultural events.
Goodlight Books has a Facebook page and if you want them to save a book for you, just message them. In addition, you can purchase a book and then resell it back to the for half its value when you're finished reading it! 
The bookstore is located, from the back of the cathedral, 1 block north and 2 blocks east, with a purple gate. Hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m, later when there are evening events. Phone 2430-4083.
Bookstore - Bilingual

La Escalera Ilustrada    ✔✔✔

This is a wonderful little bookstore in Grecia that carries a nice assortment of bilingual books, mainly aimed at children (classics like Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, etc.), but good for those wanting to practice their Spanish, or for gifts for children here that are learning English.
Located 25 meters west of BAC (or, 25 meters east of Mas Q Sabor), north side of street.
posted 18/1/2024
Car rentals

Adobe Car Rentals

Located next door to the car entrance of the Grecia feria, Adobe is the only game in town for car rentals. The main thing to remember is that wherever you choose to rent a car - that is where you have to return it. 

Inquire about rentals at Lubicentro Oso, as seen here with the Mobil sign.
2444-1395  or   opsgrecia@adobecar.com  

Open M-F 8-5, Saturday 8-12, closed Sunday
posted 18/1/2024

Carpet Cleaning and More   ✔✔✔

Carlos Vargas Rodriguez
By Sheron Bloom
Need to “clean up your act”? Carlos Vargas Rodriguez can help! Furniture, carpets, vehicles and more – Carlos brings his electric cleaning machine with him to your home.  Carlos lives in San Roque de Grecia and only speaks Spanish. If your Spanish is good – or you have a friend who can help you – give him a call to get an estimate (by phone) and set up an appointment.
After three years in storage our sofa, love seat and hide-a-bed were in dire need of deep cleaning. With the help of a translator I spoke with Carlos by phone. I described the furniture that needed cleaning, the number of cushions and pillows, and he was able to give me the cost of cleaning. By phone, sight unseen!  We set up an agreeable day and time for him to come and clean.
On the appointed day, Carlos and his helper actually showed up 10 minutes early (a little before 8:00). He and his helper moved our furniture on to our front patio and began working. (I don't think either of them ever took a break!) Before noon they were moving the furniture back into place inside. (FYI, hide-a-beds are extremely heavy – they made moving it around look easy!). The cushions and pillows needed more drying time and Carlos showed me how to turn them so they could dry properly.
When it came time to pay there were NO surprises – the cost was EXACTLY what he had quoted by phone!
That's my experience. I know of at least four other Gringas who also only have good things to say about Carlos and his work.
You can reach Carlos at 2494-7467 or 8869-3433. If my experience is any reflection, I feel sure you will also be happy with his work.  

Follow-Up Review - Carlos Vargas
By Diane Cooner
Another rave review! The furniture looked brand new when Carlos was done with it. I only wish I had more things that needed cleaning like this.
posted 6/20/2019

Catering Service -  R&R Catering   ✔✔✔

by Karen Temple-Davis

If you looking for a full service caterer, R&R east of Grecia in Tacares is excellent.  Their event manager speaks English and many of their staff speak some English.  They also have an excellent website (in Spanish, however). They came to our home to see the venue and gave us a complete and understandable quotation. We paid a visit to their facility to give them our deposit and got to see a very clean and professional culinary facility. They came to our house in Sarchi with all the party supplies including tables, dishes, utensils, glassware, barware, tablecloths, napkins and seating if needed.  For us, they arrived a few hours before the event and set up all the needed food areas plus bar.  The truck arrives with all the food and it is placed decoratively on the tables and chafing dishes.  They hand-serve drinks and clean up empty dishes.  When the event is over they clean up completely and the venue looks as though the party never happened.  The staff is professional, friendly and helpful and made the event a pleasure for the host and hostess.  We would recommend them without hesitation for any party where a full service caterer is needed.

R&R Catering, past the Rio Tacares Bridge on the left, 2458-3939, r.rcatering@racsa.co.cr.  |   www.ryrcateringservice.com
Church Services  - English language

Sol de Justicia

English Speaking Christian Church in Grecia, Costa Rica
We are a growing English speaking congregation that began in 2013 by a group of North Americans originating from the USA and Canada. We are part of a larger Spanish speaking Wesleyan Church that has been meeting the needs of the Grecia community since 1997. We strive to be a comfortable home where members and visitors can grow spiritually and socially within the church and community. You are invited to visit us for Worship, Fellowship and Fun.
We are located directly behind Maxi Pali at the Mall in Grecia (Exit behind the Mall parking lot and follow the signs)
8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
For photos and more information see their Facebook page.
Updated 18/1/2024

Catholic Services in English - Atenas

Catholic Gringos who are interested in Catholic Services in English in Atenas are invited to contact Dave Davis, he is compiling an email list. His group has Church approval to do a communion service with prayers and Eucharistic Service in English as well as a Mass with a translator etc. You can reach Dave at 8759 3433  or  davenansi@gmail.com
Updated 10/19/2021

Drapery & Curtains   ✔✔✔

Cortinas Calderon e Hijos, Custom Curtains
by Don Davis
We had a pair of well-worn curtains on each side of our front entrance that were badly in need of replacement. Some Tico friends mentioned an company in Alajuela that made house calls. On our second attempt we were able to talk to someone and made a appointment for the sales lady and her interpreter to bring samples of the type we described on the phone, take measurements and give us a quote. We picked our fabric, worked out details and paid a deposit of half the quote before they left. We also had them take a dirty, but very serviceable drape from our guest bedroom to be dry-cleaned.
The custom curtains were ready in about eight working days. A crew came out to deliver and hang the beautiful new drapes and the dry-cleaned drape. They finished quickly. We thanked them and paid the balance in cash and we're delighted with the result.

Call Cortinas Calderon: 2442-0208 (store); 2442-6496; 2441-5954; 8899-6867 (Carol).
Posted 7/20/2017
Serving the greater grecia area

Mobile Dry Cleaners/Laundry Service

His ad says it - pants, shirts, dresses, rugs, curtains - plus lots more - Marco's service can cover it. Express pickup and dropoff to your home.
Contact:   marco.pelon.cr@gmail.com,  8899-4404  or  see his listing on FB
posted 9/27/2022
Custom Furniture - Naranjo

Muebles de Bambu ArteBamh   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner    

Custom work to your specifications, reasonable prices, fast service and delivery. 
Located in Naranjo on the Pista, just past Palmares on your left, English spoken!  whatsapp/phone: 2451 5304   

Find them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ARTEBAMH    

Updated 18/1/2024
Custom made furniture and custom repairs

Muebles AP (Artavia Paniagua)    ✔✔✔

Muebles AP (Artavia Paniagua), is a part of Muebles Moderna, which has been around since 1990. Muebles AP is run by Joseph. We were ready to toss our ‘tired’ sofa bed, but while these guys design and build unique modern style sofa beds, they were perfectly happy and capable to convert and rebuild our queen La-z-Boy sofa bed into a conventional couch. 

They were: on time; creative; considerate; very reasonably priced; arranged pick-up and delivery; and delivered a quality job. They told me if it is made of wood or can be built with wood, they can do it. I recommend them highly. 

Located in Sarchi Sur on the south side of Ruta 118, 100 meters west of Super Mariscos Restaurant and 200 meters east of the V&J Service Station, phone: 8308-1874. English is not one of Joseph’s strengths, but there is an English-speaking associate available. Their 
Facebook page says, “always open.” 

posted 2/2/2023

Cecilia's Furniture Gallery - Custom furniture - Sarchi   ✔✔✔

We're a family owned fine furniture manufacturer located in the renowned artisan capital of Sarchi. Sarchi has long established themselves as the artisan capital of the country where the finest furniture in Costa Rica is designed and made. Unfortunately, in recent years, Sarchi manufacturers have continuously reduced the quality in order to reduce the prices. Unwilling to reduce our quality, we've closed the showroom (thus our overhead) and continue to build by special order directly from our home and workshop. Our quality remains high, and our prices are competitive.
Guanacaste and Genizaro are our preferred choices of exotic hardwoods, but we build to our clients’ specifications and in whatever wood of their choice. We buy our Guanacaste and Genizaro logs from a particular zone in the Province of Guanacaste where the wood is the most sought after due to its pronounced grain, color and hardness. We mill our own logs, send them to the best and most experienced in-country kiln to be dried to 10 to 14% humidity content, then design and build in our own factory, under American supervision, the finest handmade custom furniture possible. Due to the many diverse climates throughout the region, the kiln-drying is imperative in avoiding problems in warping, shrinkage, splitting, joint separation and eventual lacquer opacity.
Special attention is specifically paid to the final finish, using the best polyurethane finishes available in the country. Because we mill from large diameter logs, you’ll receive an heirloom-worthy piece of furniture with minimal joints, if any. For example, every dining set arrives with a singular slab of solid 1” hardwood sawn from the pure heartwood of the log, a 40” wide tabletop with no seams, no joints, just endless uninterrupted grain… a truly incredible sight to behold. The final product will surely be enjoyed by generations to come. Our guarantee is rarely needed by our clients, and for this reason we offer the only 2 year guarantee in the country, rather than the typical 6 to 12 month guarantee offered by our competitors. References are gladly supplied upon request from our many satisfied customers.
Cecilia Rojas Brown is a Costa Rican native from the town of Sarchi and has been involved in the furniture industry for over 29 years. Scott Brown, an American, and her husband of 29 years, has been involved with Sarchi and its furniture and woodworking culture in manufacturing and exportation since 1979. We both speak fluent English and Spanish, and we look forward to serving you for all your furniture and woodworking needs in the most transparent, straight forward and honest way. We’ve developed the website as a way for you to sample a few of our most popular styles and the beautiful grains of our wood. Still, there’s no way to display all the endless possibilities. We have an extensive catalog of photos of all styles in our home, and we can build literally anything from your photo or description, including doors and cabinetry. Please email or give us a call for any questions or price quotes at 2454-3643.  Feel free to visit our website at www.SarchiFineFurniture.com 

General Assistance - Translation/interpretation services

This category includes people that offer services to help expats navigate situations in the community, such as dealing with motor vehicles/Riteve, finding goods and services, etc, i.e., someone who knows the system and can help you get whatever it is that you're needing.

Minor Villalobos   ✔✔✔

Whatsapp  506-7240-5857

La Tica Completa - Carolina Alfaro - Bilingual Personal Assistance

Are you confused by pura vida? Need help keeping the dust and cobwebs under control in your house? Spanglish not good enough to really understand what is being asked or offered? Is a chayote a food or a type of motor scooter?
Help has arrived in most all areas of life in the Grecia area. Time has opened up for me to offer my services to answer most questions even the most bewildered Gringo or Gringa might have. I am available to run errands, clean house or clothes, offer advice on where to shop for about everything. My joy in life is to help people and being completely bilingual I can help you.
Need an appointment made with a doctor but not sure of the words to use with the Spanish-speaking staff? I can help you and have even accompanied a Gringa to CAJA to register. Having lived in the area my whole life I can recommend places to visit, restaurants to frequent and even help you improve your Spanish skills.
Other skills that I can offer you include working with plants inside or outside plus I enjoy painting rooms and redecorating, even just rearranging furniture. I have contacts in the Grecia area for fabrics and furnishings.
When you want to improve your life here in Costa Rica, call me! References available. Carolina Alfaro 8636-8309 
posted 6/9/2021 

Isabel Arguello - Translation Assistance/Interpretation Services   ✔✔✔

by Marilyn Stevens
I want to tell you about a wonderful resource person who lives near San Isidro in Grecia. Her name is Isabel Arguello. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has taught internationally and teaches Spanish to many gringos here and in other countries over the Internet. Her classes are well-structured, conversational and informal.
However, the main reason I am praising her now, is that I had a complex interaction with a garage mechanic yesterday about technical problems with my Subaru and ordering parts from the USA. She came with me to the garage and helped me and the mechanic understand each other: the part numbers, procedures, delivery times, cost estimates, etc.. I am so relieved now because I know the mechanic and I are on the same page.
I recommend her highly for any translation needs with an attorney, landlord, tenants, repair person, etc. She has first-rate interpersonal skills. I am so happy I discovered her.
You can contact her in two ways: cell phone- 8718-7233 or by email: arguelo.isabel@gmail.com
posted 3/2018

Handyman - Harvey in Sarchi   ✔✔✔

by Tiina Laara
I want to recommend an electrician/handyman (English speaking). He is very service minded and located in Sarchi, his name is Harvey. He has helped us install alarm systems, an electric gate, electric doorbells and other electrical things. However, he also can assist in all kinds of services regarding the home and construction. Give him a call or reach him on WhatsApp. Harvey, 8574-0104 
posted 6/2018
Everything else

Tim Garrett, Insurance Broker

 by Walt Clayton
“Life is subject to change without notice.” All is cool until suddenly a hurricane takes off your roof, lightning fries your computer, or the Poás volcano spews acidic ash all over your car’s paintjob. However, if you were prepared for such, a calamity could be reduced to a just a nasty inconvenience that you would likely recover from in time.

Tim Garrett, insurance broker extraordinaire. When lightning struck twice at my place, Tim was right there to help me file a claim. Together with his very able, English-fluent claims manager, Olga Fallas, he ushered me through the process so I didn’t have to deal with a lot of bureaucratic hoop-jumping. He explained exactly what he needed from me, including a Technical Report in the most serious case where 50 meters of heavy cable got scorched. Efficient, friendly and highly professional, Tim quickly got back to me every step of the way, assuring that everything was submitted properly the first time. I’m convinced that he must share my theory that the easier you make it for the bureaucrats, the likelier your claim will get approved. 

Tim’s firm, Grupo Garrett, offers a wide array of coverage options, fine-tuned to your specific needs. So, although you may feel secure with your current but possibly outdated policy, you may want to consider having Tim review it with an eye toward more streamlined coverage or legal changes, and to avoid any shocks at claim time. Check out his website at: https://grupogarrett.com/en-US/Personas  and then give him a shout at 2233-2455, 8363-0610, or tim.garrett@unicencorredora.com
Get peace of mind and have Tim make your policy shock-proof.   

Olga Fallas - Above and Beyond Service  --  An Addendum
by Walt Clayton
When my claim was finally settled, I was reimbursed 97% of the C460,000 I paid to have my lightning-damaged cable replaced. At first INS (the national insurance company) offered 76% which I was willing to accept. But claims manager Olga asked me to wait a few days while she worked her magic. Just as I was ready to throw in the towel, she informed me that the insurer would pay out an additional 21%. I was happily stunned, and impressed, especially since I have such a small policy. Olga gives true meaning to the Tico saying, 'Estamos para servirle" - We're here to serve you. This is the caliber of people in Tim's group, and why it's worth having them on your side.  

Updated 16/1/2024
Legal Services - Corporation Law Attorney

Mode Legal Counseling   ✔✔✔

by Walt Clayton
Do the new corporation laws have you gnashing your teeth in frustration? Well, join the club.
I have an inactive corporation solely for my house to avoid probate should I get run over by a sugar cane tractor. I have no business or commercial activity. The corporation is identified by a cédula jurídica number, not a name, for privacy. Now, however, the law has changed so that shareholders and beneficiaries can no longer hide anonymously in case they are laundering drug money. The net result is a series of confusing and costly legal hoops, and if these are not completed within certain timeframes the corporation can be subject to a range of fines anywhere from about $2,500 to $77,000, depending on the situation.
Since I was getting increasingly worried about penalties from conflicting accounts of what to do and when, my accountant (contadora) recommended a nearby lawyer to unravel the procedure. Licenciada Nannie Vanessa Alfaro Ulgalde of Mode Legal Counseling has her home office in Santa Gertrudis Norte and was able to sort out my situation in short order. Step-by-step, she walked me through the process and interacted with the National Registry to get my corporation updated and shareholders properly declared. I had already acquired my firma digital, or digital signature, as a critical prerequisite to declaring shareholders -- another onerous step that she can help with if you haven't gotten yours.

In the end, all necessary changes were made and next steps clearly laid out, without incurring any penalties. Although Nannie's fees are very reasonable and in synch with government-mandated minimums, it still cost me more than the annual corporation fee. On the upside, these are one-time fees, and after the first hoop jumps the annual update is quick and easy.
Nannie speaks limited English, but her husband (also a lawyer) and her son speak it well. Their firm offers a gamut of other legal services from immigration to labor law to notary services.
So stop gnashing your teeth and give Nannie a call: 2494-4002 or 8729-5492 or email info@modelegal.co.cr.Her office is located on Calle Río Achiote by the new Servicentro Santa Lucia gas station up about 300 meters on the right side.    
posted 16/1/2024
Look for their sign
And here's a map!

Lucett Watler   ✔✔✔

Legal Services and Consultation, Notary Public

Bufete ALFARO & Asociados - in Grecia   ✔✔✔

Lic. Luis Adrian Alfaro R.
Lawyer-Notary Public
Office +(506)2444-5746/ Fax +(506)2444-0513
Mobile +(506)8993-3938
Email luisalfaro@racsa.co.cr
Real Estate Specialist, Immigration, Tax, Criminal, Corporate and General Law Practice. 
Fluent in English and Spanish. Excellent references. Listed with the U.S. Embassy, Costa Rica.
Luis Adrian Alfaro, Attorney at Law, was referred to us by Ted and Donna Baker of El Cajon for our immigration process the end of July 2015. Mr. Alfaro is very personable and astute at the immigration process and very quickly assisted us in getting our cedula registration number within just a few weeks. He even took the time to take a car load of us to San Jose to be fingerprinted and smooth the way. We could not be happier with Luis Adrian Alfaro and his fees are much more reasonable than others! We will continue to call on Luis A. Alfaro for all future legal needs. 
Don & Debra Rogan, Grecia
Luis Alfaro, Grecia's lawyer, was highly recommended to us who understands all the processes in obtaining Residency in Costa Rica. Being new in Costa Rica, we were very happy he was fluent in English, explaining each step and the cost. There were no surprises. Additionally, Luis accompanies you in the residency process in case there are questions, insuring everything goes smoothly. We highly recommend Bufete Alfaro & Asociados who are very knowledgeable and conscientious. Douglas & Lois Sherman
We used Luis to help us with our residency. We have heard many horror stories about bad experiences, both with and without an attorney. However, our experience with Luis has been fantastic. The process has been quick, painless and actually enjoyable. Everything has been done very quickly and Luis has more than exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to apply for residency. 
Ted & Donna Baker, El Cajon Los Angeles de Grecia

Updated 18/1/2024
Legal Services

Maximiliano Arias Sancho   ✔✔✔

by Debbie Rudd
I am having a will (testament) signed here as well as a full power of attorney. I've seen several expat friends here have serious medical issues where they have become incapacitated and unable to carry out their wishes. I think it is something that we need to address. 
I have an excellent bilingual attorney named Maximiliano Arias Sancho. Educated at the University of Costa Rica, he specializes in labor law, administrative law, and contracts. He has an office in Palmares but is a law professor here in Grecia at Universidad Latina. He will meet with clients in Grecia. He can be reached at 8849-7590. His email is: Maximilianoariassancho@yahoo.es 
posted 7/2018
legal services | Atenas

Monika Valero DeFord

Comes highly recommended from various people on the FB Grecia Ex-pats site.

Click here to find her FB info.
Whatsapp 8824-1600

posted 2/9/2023
 Locksmith - Cerrajeria

Cerrajeria Grecia   ✔✔✔

by Cheryl Cantrell
I would like to recommend Cerrajeria Grecia and owner Luis Guillermo Salas Soto.  They came to my house to make a new key for my front door and I was impressed by their professionalism. 
They arrived on time and the quality of their work is magnificent. They can make keys for anything, cars, doors, etc.  Phones 2494 4587   or   8855 7206

Local Lodging

If you have a favorite hotel or B&B, please tell us about it! Send your info to the Editor - photos help, no more than 4, please.
Local lodging - + Regenerate wholistic clinic in grecia!

Villas Escondidas   ✔✔✔

Villas Escondidas is a hidden gem in the mountains just minutes outside Grecia in Puente de Piedra in Alajuela. Nestled on the edge of a year-round river, relax to the sounds of the flowing water. The property includes 3 1/2 acres of riverfront, a spectacular waterfall, hotel rooms and soon dorm accommodations. Accessible to guests* is a covered barbecue area, the pool and rancho as well as various places in nature to relax and enjoy the sound of the river.  
Visit their website for details and to make reservations! No need to travel far from Grecia to enjoy total Pura Vida!
Updated 18/1/2024
* restrictions and conditions apply, see terms and conditions
Rooms available - Rincon de Salas, Grecia

Posada Mimosa - Digital Nomads Welcome!   ✔✔✔

Thinking about buying or building in Grecia and need a place to stay and explore? Have visitors coming and need a place for them to stay? 
Great location for Digital Nomads, single travelers, vacationing couples, families, and birdwatchers!!  Enjoy easy access to everything from the perfect central location. 20 minutes from SJO airport, 12 minutes to Grecia center, 20 minutes to Atenas. Fantastic birding tours (quetzals and toucanets!), nearby wildlife rescues, amazing waterfalls, Poas volcano, Pacific beaches- all less than an hour away.   
Posada Mimosa has two options: 
1. An adorable studio cabin with a kitchenette and large balcony to take in the stunning views (sleeps 2). 
More details and to reserve, click here.  
2. An entire wing of the main residence with 3 ensuite bedrooms and a private veranda with garden, valley, and mountain views (sleeps 8).
More details and to reserve, click here. 
Located on a 10 acre private estate with gated entrance.
posted 18/1/2024
Relaxing kitchenette!
Perfect for remote working or learning, birders (over 170 birds identified on the property!), family gatherings or a peaceful getaway.  
Relaxing Rooms!
 Fantastic climate - no A/C needed!   Long term stays discounted. 
Water and electricity included.  
Relaxing Pool!
Access includes a large rancho pavilion and kitchen, a spectacular pool and incredible views.
Relaxing Patio!
Parking onsite, strong Wi-Fi, the most incredible English-speaking manager, beautiful gardens, and a nature path through the jungle to the river. 
Downtown Grecia

Hotel Aeromundo   ✔✔✔

Centrally located 1 block east of the metal church in Grecia. 
Surprisingly quiet for being in downtown Grecia!
San Roque Abajo de Grecia

La Terraza Guest House   ✔✔✔

By Cheryl Cantrell
La Terraza Guest House is a great place to stay or have your friends stay. Located less than 5 minutes from downtown Grecia, it has fabulous gardens and the best breakfast in the country. I have stayed there and recommend proprietor Jeanetta Owens to friends and clients who have never been disappointed.
Check out her website at www.laterrazab-b.com, email laterrazagrecia@msn.com, or call her at 2494 0970. 
Update: La Terraza is now being maintained by Jeanetta's son Charles. It is a wonderful, hidden gem! A half hour walk into Grecia, a great base to explore the country. 
posted 18/1/2024
San Francisco de San Isidro de Grecia 

Finca Vibran B&B

Finca Vibran rooms, social areas and dining area have been handcrafted by local artisans to create a rustic, yet modern feel. Local timber was sourced for construction and each room is themed to reflect Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

All guests have access to the dining area, trails, coffee plantation, gardens and 2nd story lookout with breathtaking views over the Central Valley and mountains.

Updated 18/1/2024

Double Occupancy Rooms
Each 5-Star boutique style room includes a King size bed, mini-bar, flat-screen TV, DVD player, safe, private terrace, space heater, coffee maker, ceiling fans, and bathrobes.
One of the rooms is wheelchair accessible.
Daily cleaning is included and laundry is available for $10 a load.
Meals can be arranged at an additional cost. 

Upon request, we offer a variety of services to ensure that our guests have a relaxing and satisfying stay on the estate.
Breakfast (included with double occupancy rooms); Lunch and dinner (additional cost)
Massages by appointment
Wireless internet (included); Cable TV (included); DVD library (included); Book library (included); Self-guided walks (included) around the property
Contact them at:  phone number (506) 2494-4706      Cell (506) 8708-7713     facebook  

Local lodgine

B & B Garden Grecia - Santa Gertrudis Norte    ✔✔✔    

By Deborah Reed
I picked this place from an ad in 2011, and ended up renting a house on the property for 5.5 years, prior to buying my own place. Ronald and Iliana Alfaro are exceptional hosts and human beings. I came with a sick husband, and they offered services above & beyond the expected. 
The B&B is lovely, quiet & comfortable. B&B Garden Grecia is located in Santa Gertrudis Norte de Grecia just 30 minutes from the International Airport Juan Santa Maria. This comfortable B&B; has orthopedic king mattresses. All rooms have private hot water showers, and the deluxe suite has a Jacuzzi tub as well. Satellite tv and wifi internet in all rooms provide privacy and relaxation. Their RANCHO BAMBU offers you daily breakfast. You can also have other meals prepared for you or do the cooking yourself. 

Breakfast is served in a pretty rancho with books and local information. They have a small pool; one room has a jacuzzi. They have a few small-to-medium size longer-term rentals also. I still have a good relationship with them even though I moved into my own house years ago. Recently a friend stayed there. She contracted covid under the old quarantine rules and they handled that very well. 
It's conveniently located just 8 minutes from central Grecia and would be ideal for digital nomads. There is good bus service within a few steps from the gate, plus a restaurant and groceries just down the road. The prices are very reasonable! English spoken.
Find them on FB.
updated 18/1/2024

B & B Garden Grecia - Santa Gertrudis Norte    ✔✔✔

By Susan Adams
If you are expecting visitors and are needing to recommend short or long term quarters for someone, consider the B&B Garden Grecia in Sta. Gertrudis Norte. Ronald Alfaro and his wife operate a wonderful B and B that will make you feel at home immediately. The bus stops in front of the house so it is easy to get around by bus or Ronald is available to to take you on tours or to the weekend Feria. I stayed with Ronald and Iliana for 1 1/2 years and their help in transitioning to a new life here was priceless. Ronald does speak English so if you are Spanish challenged as I am this makes life much easier since he can communicate your needs when establishing residency, dealing with CAJA, setting up a Post Office Box or what ever help you might need.B&B Garden Grecia is located in Santa Gertrudis Norte de Grecia just 30 minutes from the International Airport Juan Santa Maria and 6 minutes the center the Grecia. This comfortable B&B; has orthopedic king mattresses. All rooms have private hot water showers, and the deluxe suite has a Jacuzzi tub as well. Satellite tv and wifi internet in all rooms provide privacy and relaxation. Their RANCHO BAMBU offers you daily breakfast. You can also have other meals prepared for you or do the cooking yourself. They offer guests a free café tour and farmers market tour, and have a daily shuttle service. Check out their website at: bandbgardengrecia.com/ 
posted 7/2017
Central Grecia, north side of Parque Central

Mangifera Hostel   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
If your house is full and you need an extra space for guests, try Mangifera. You would never know that you were in the heart of Grecia when you are sitting in their courtyard garden. Located across the street from the north side of the Central Park,  Mangifera is clean, comfortable and hip.
Lodging prices vary from 6 mil per night for shared space to 25 mil per night for a private room with private bath. Wifi throughout, cable TV, kitchen. Laid back, chill out in a hammock in the patio garden and contemplate your next move! Travel/tourist info available. Live music events are also regularly scheduled. Marco Chaves Suárez, host. 2494-6065/8838-1195 info@mangiferahostel.com   They are also on Facebook.
Updated 18/1/2024
La Sabana, San Jose

Apartotel La Sabana    ✔✔✔

by Jeane Brennan

The Apartotel La Sabana is a charming boutique hotel and was our hotel choice during our excursion into San Jose for the International Art Festival. We were totally impressed with the staff, the décor, the rooms, the breakfast, the price, and more, from the moment of the doorman’s greeting to the final farewell.  
Complimentary airport transportation
Clean rooms, attractive and impressive décor
Gorgeous pool and patio area
Sauna Meeting/conference rooms
Great breakfast
Secure off-street parking
Walking distance to La Sabana Park and a variety of restaurants. 
Contact Information: www.apartotel-lasabana.com 506-2220-2422 
Sabana North, 150 meters north of Rosti Pollos Restaurant  
updated 18/1/2024
CitiCinema at the Grecia Mall

Going to The Movies

by Diane Cooner

There is a very nice movie theatre located in the Grecia Mall. I could have been in Northern California (except the movie was in Spanish). Nice comfy seats, a large 'reserved' section (higher priced ticket), further back from the screen. Very clean. Ticket prices varied from 2800 - 4300 colones per person, depending on location in theatre and whether you go for 3D or not. Oh, and your age, too. They usually have a good selection of the latest movies, in Spanish.  

The low-down on English language movies from the management is that people aren't showing up for the films. We explained that 8:30 p.m. (common showing in English in the past) is not optimal driving time for our demographic... But perhaps we can change this, they just need some nudging and support from ex-pats.  Call the theatre at 8319-2761 (also whatsapp#) to encourage more movies in English at an earlier time. 

In the meantime, check out the CitiCinemawebsite where you can find their current roster of movies and their screening times for all theatres, including a separate page for Grecia.  If you cannot negotiate this Spanish language site, try using Google Translate. 

Movies are either with or without subtitles and that will be listed on each movie listing. With a credit card you can also buy your ticket online in advance, which is a good thing as the theatres aren't huge and it's nice to have a space reserved. 

No, I didn't try the popcorn. Movie popcorn is bad for you! But it did smell good.

Updated 18/1/2024
Moving Services

Mudanzas (Removals or Household Moving Company)   ✔✔✔

Rene Soto
Are you planning to move? Rene Soto drives a 20 ft box truck. He has 20 years of experience.
Call or text Rene at 8341-8015 (email address) Spanish only or utilize, at a small additional charge, Giovanny Chaves at 8583-7870 as your English speaking Facilitator or interpreter.

Gringo or Tico: Professional local or long distance household movers in Costa Rica or clean junk or old major appliance removals locally within the Grecia area. A dependable and prompt Professional mover, Rene is strongly built and knowledgeable to easily get your home moved safely to a location across town or anywhere in Costa Rica that you desire! Twenty foot, US imported, newer and very modern, well equipped enclosed box truck. A very cautious and safe driver who practices the rules of the road and maintains his truck to the highest standards of safety.
Moving blankets and appliance dolly are available when reserved in advance of your move day.Please call today to schedule your move or removals at least 2 weeks in advance with Rene at Mudanzas Moving Company 8341-8015!
Mudanzas Moved Us!
by Don & Deb Rogan
Rene moved our household twice, once in December 2016 and again in January 2017, across Costa Rica. From the mountains to the plains, Rene did a fabulous job safely moving our home! Then when we decided to move back to the mountains in Grecia, Rene came and safely moved us back home!  We even rode with Rene up front since we have no automobile!  Rene does not speak English but is a very amiable mature man who works very hard to relay his communications. Giovanny Chaves was there on the phone to interpret as we needed him as well, Geovanny even helped load us while in Grecia!  Rene's wife, Giselle, is a lovely woman who rode with us on our way to the plains! Giselle speaks very slowly in Spanish so you are certain to understand her which is so thoughtful of her for those of us still learning our Spanish!
We could not be happier with Rene! He quickly worked out a great solution to our challenge to get our furniture offloaded when we had a "grande truck challenged" driveway once returning to Grecia this trip!
Very reasonably priced, very prompt and dependable, a cautious driver, and, a very nice and professional man!  We highly recommend Mudanzas Moving Company to everyone! Thanks for finding Rene for us, Geovanny!
Don and Debra Rogan, Carbonal de Grecia 2/2017
Music Instruments, Repairs, Lessons in Grecia

Mike Music   ✔✔✔

Mike Music is the best music store in Grecia. They offer musical instruments, small batteries, audio headphones, 3 wire extension cords, and  small electronic accessories.

Located in the Grecia Mall.
Open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Phone: 24945812 or 83701415.
Mike Music also does instrument repairs and offers select music lessons.
Updated 4/4/2021
Outlet Stores

Golden Star Outlet    ✔✔✔

There are a number of outlet stores in Grecia. They all offer new products, in varying degrees of 'fell off the truck'.  
They all have similar stuff (clothes, shoes, etc) but there are also some gems, e.g. 2 weeks ago I found a 32 oz bottle of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, for 5 mil. I was pretty happy. I haven't seen Dr. Bronner's for sale here before. So, it all depends.
This particular store, the Golden Star Outlet, has received this recommendation from Alert Readers Kathleen F., so it moves from just being an outlet to a recommended one! 
Kathleen F. shares: "This little outlet store is right across the street Lab Jimenez (25 meters east of Pali). It has lots of this and that. Fun to poke thru in the hopes that you might find something you didn’t know you needed! 
Nice folks, too. Take a look!"

posted 10/23/2022
Plant Nurseries/Viveros - Sarchi

Palm Trees - well fed and disease-free at Wholesale prices! 

We live in Sarchi and will prepare any number for pick-up or will deliver anywhere in Costa Rica. We have two types, Royal Palms and Livistonias, ideal for landscaping or driveways, and both types are very wind resistant.
Large orders or one palm at a time is welcome. Less than half the price of local nurseries at @ 29,000 per palm.
Please call for a quote for quantity orders. Contact Scott or Cecilia at 2454-3643 or 
cell #8916-6193.English and Spanish fluently spoken.
Palmeras, bien cuidadas, Precios por Mayor! Vivimos en Sarchi y podemos listar cual quiera cantidad para llevar o las entregamos por todo Costa Rica. Tenemos 2 tipos... Palma Reales y Livistonias. Muy resistente al viento. Pedidos grandes o pequeños estan bien!

Llame por cotizaciones por el transporte. Llame Scott o Cecilia al 2454-3643 o celular #8916-6193.
posted 4/19/2019 

Rincon Colorado, Sarchi Norte

Vivero Rincon de la Paz   ✔✔✔

By Jan DeCook
Owner: Alfonso, 2454-4714 Employee: Luz speaks some English
Located at the end of Calle San Rafael, which starts in front of the Artist Co-operative (Big Painted Wheel), by the gas station.
They sell flats of mixed vegetable seedlings, 105 plants per flat, for C2,500
Lots to choose from: arugula, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cilantro, green and regular onions, 3 varieties of lettuce, jalapeno and sweet peppers, tomatoes and more...
This is a family run operation and he doesn't use chemicals on the plants. He also sells the recycled potting soil for C4,000/bag.
If 105 plants is too many for you...share with a friend...the price is right.
updated 10/25/2021
Plant nurseries/Viveros - Santa Gertrudis Norte

Vivero Santa Gertrudis Norte   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
Some of you might know that I was a professional gardener in one of my past lives. This explains, in part, why I find Vivero Santa Gertrudis so very dangerous. I could drop by and spend an entire months' Social Security check there, no problem.
Owned and operated by dona Ana Iris for the past 24 years, this is an absolute gem of a nursery. 
Shadehouses, greenhouses, full sun outdoor plants displayed in a charming gazebo atmosphere, they offer a wide selection of plants that do well in our area. Orchids? For sale only when they're in bloom. Cactus and succulents? Huge variety. Trees? Check. Perennials? Check. Veggies? Check. Soil and pots - both plastic and fine ceramic - check! They have it all! Actually, the only thing they are short on is parking space; there is room for exactly 2 1/2 cars out front. But once you visit this nursery, that won't matter, because you will determine a way to park upon your return!
You will find Vivero Santa Gertrudis Norte on the main road going thru that district - about 400 meters past the church and after Calle San Jose - on your left.  
Mostly Spanish, the language of plants always finds a way to communicate!  2494 0906
Open daily at 5am - 5pm, closed on Mondays. Check out their FB page here.
Updated 18/1/2024
Plant nurseries/viveros - Naranjo

Vivero Plantika   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
Another hidden gem, this time in Naranjo. It's a little bit of a challenge to get to since it's on a one-way street, but if you are heading to Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour you are in the right part of town. 
All you can see is a big greenhouse from the street, but the nursery goes back downhill behind the building and is stuffed with all manner of interesting plants for sale. 
The people are very nice and knowledgeable. I have found things here that I've not see elsewhere.
Avenida 4 in Naranjo, easiest to use Google Maps to find it.
8940-4540  Roxana and Jorge. Spanish only!

Updated 18/1/2024
Passport photos

Nacho Fotografia

Located on the truck route street one block south of the main drag in Grecia. There are 2 passport photos shops - choose Nacho, as the 'other guy' is not up on US passport photo requirements. 
This is a professional photographer that also does passports! Find him onFB.
posted 9/8/2022
Photo & Video Home Tour Service

Walt Clayton Photography   ✔✔✔

We are very sad to report that Walt passed away in December 2023. We are leaving his photo and memory here for a while.

Walt was a regular contributor to QuePasaGrecia and we will miss his informative recommendations for local businesses.

RIP Walt!
Pool Supply & Maintenance - Grecia

Greco Piscinas y Mas (pool supply)

Grecia does in fact have a pool supply store. They are not always open as they also offer pool maintenance.
Email for hours:  barrantesmarvin@yahoo.com
English spoken.
Located 125 m north of old ICE, same side of street, 3 doors down from Panaderia Grecia.      

Party Ranchita Rental Available - San Juan de Grecia

Located in San Juan de Grecia, 1 km west from the river Sarchí road to San Juan

It is a big green, level area, so that anyone like the elderly or people with mobility problems won't have any inconvenience. When we rent it, we are used to do it for the entire day, so there won't be any time limit issue, but if, for example, someone would like to come only for a few hours (lets say 2-4 hours) then we can make a special offer on the price. We consider 2-4 hours as a little while, because usually when families and friends rent our ranch, they arrive at about 8 am to do their preparations for the party, and then leave at about 10:30 pm, once the party is over. 
This last point takes me to the price issue: we rent it for 50.000 colones during rainy season, and 65.000 colones during sunny season. 
Our phone numbers are 2-494-6489 and 8302-4909.
posted 10/23/2019
Propane - Parts & Service

Sensa   ✔✔✔

by Walt Clayton
OK, here’s the deal. For the first fifteen months I lived in my house outside of San Isidro I had problems with my two gas water heaters – one for the bathrooms, one for the kitchen. They would come on sporadically or not at all, with no rhyme or reason behind the malfunctioning. I was taking cold showers, and didn’t want that same fate for visitors. Finally, I’d had it.
I took both heaters to the Gines distributor and hovered over the techie as he cleaned out layers of soot and spider webs. I took photos and notes as he replaced igniters and micro switches and battery holders. He told me my old gas line was a “bomba de tiempo” (time bomb) and had to be replaced. For $52 the heaters looked great and tested fine. I was set.
Anxious for a hot shower, I hooked them up as soon as I got home. But it was already dark, so with flashlight clamped in my teeth I connected the bathroom heater, then the kitchen heater. And did something very stupid. I connected the water line to the gas line, filling one heater with noncombustible water. Totally frustrated at my blunder I went to bed angry and grubby.
Next day, I dried out the heater, then tried every possibly gas line configuration, to no avail. Finally, it dawned on me that the heaters worked – I saw that at Gines! -- they just weren’t getting enough gas.
Enter SENSA, a shop that specializes in welding and gas connections of every type.  Proud, friendly owner Mario Castillo listened to my tale of woe and looked at the hoses I brought in. In under an hour I left with two custom-made gas lines, new regulators and all the right connectors, pressure-clamped -- and they work perfectly! Mario is my new friend-for-life.
So, for any gas line problems, pay Mario a visit. You’ll be impressed by his expertise and shop with its huge array of fittings. Plus SENSA can do any specialty welding or gas line assembly at your home.

SENSA (2494-5072) is located on the main road just as you leave Grecia for the airport. About 200 meters downhill after the bright blue (former) CAJA roof is a side street to your left directly opposite the large Materiales Arsenio Soto store. You’ll see their sign.   
Updated 16/1/2024
Owner Mario Castillo
Big shop, lots of parts!
Refrigeration Service - San Roque Arriba

Servi-Frio   ✔✔✔

by David & Gerry Atchison
On Tuesday the lightening zapped our Whirlpool refrigerator that we brought from the states 2 years ago. We contacted David at Servi-Frio, he speaks good English, and he was a lifesaver….he came to our home in El Cajon on Wednesday and actually had the part, in his kit, that we needed. Took him about 20 minutes and everything was in working order, plus the charge was minimal. Would highly recommend this company.

by Diane Cooner
Took the car into Servi-Frio to have the defroster-a/c checked, Gerardo explained how the system worked (I'll never have foggy windows here again! ), checked it out and recharged it for a very reasonable price and a very nice person to deal with besides. Located about 1 km from the San Roque/Cooperative crossroad, towards Carbonal, sign on bus stop at left is the entry. They do make housecalls as well. I went on the recommendation above and am very happy with the connection!
updated 7/16/2017
Sewing Specialties - San Isidro de Grecia

Flor Villarevia   ✔✔✔

by Walt Clayton

Attention do-it-yourselfers... or home remodelers!  When working on a project are you forever lugging around a ton of tools you don't need, and the ones you do need are back in the house? Worse yet, PriceSmart doesn't carry the perfect toolbelt? Alas! Flor Villarevia, who works for expat families doing house cleaning, house-sitting, and expert gardening is a true pro when it comes to sewing and can make that toolbelt. Having worked for years in a clothing factory, she knows all the techniques and has eleven specialized, industrial-grade sewing machines.

The range of Flor’s expertise is virtually unlimited, and if you’ve spotted something on the Internet that you like, she can probably make it. Here’s a sampler of her work:

Bedspreads – Furniture covers – Curtains – Clothing & alterations – Costumes - Musical instrument cases – BBQ covers – Decorative cushions – Computer covers – Tool kits – and best of all… her gorgeous tote bags with superbly embroidered Costa Rican wildlife at https://www.quepasagrecia.com/marketplace-of-local-talent(scroll to bottom).

Flor is creative and highly recommended, honest to a fault, and a pleasure to work with. She is located on Calle Rodríguez about 150m past the Los Arcos sign about 5km outside of San Isidro. She speaks only Spanish but is quick to understand through gestures and a few English words. 

Flor 8790-4573, Spanish.

Updated 16/1/2024

It has been a very long time since I saw such professional sewing. Being a seamstress myself I can truly appreciate her beautiful and caring work. If you ever need to use me as a reference please feel free to do so. Her work is so very much worth the price even though I was a little skeptical about that at first. She is worth every penny she charges.   Thank you for all your assistance, Walt, and thank you Flor for a 5-star job!   Colleen Wingfield
updated 11/12/2018

Super Custom Solutions!
For her own tools, Flor made a customized holder from denim wrapped around a new 5-gallon paint can, or cubeta. Everything is visible and loose stuff goes into the cubeta. These can also be made for gardening, electrical work, construction, and anything else you can think of. Just bring your tools and describe what you want -- mine is on order. Flor is creative and resourceful, and comes up with practical solutions that will impress you.
Curtains to BBQ Covers
When I moved here I brought down new curtains that reached the floor, but needed several to be altered to fit smaller windows. I explained exactly what I wanted, gave Flor one set to do a test, and hoped for the best. A few days later she returned with perfectly shortened curtains. They matched the factory sewing exactly, were perfectly straight, and you can't tell the difference from the original, unaltered curtains. I've been availing myself of her talent ever since for altering pants and shirts, repairing blankets, making a barbeque cover and a protective sleeve for my widescreen TV, among other things.
And look at these bags!
Flor also has a wonderful selection of very durable handbags available with custom embroidery. Beautiful, sturdy and a great price! Your webmaster has been carrying hers since 2020 and still without a scratch or tear! Check out her listing in our Marketplace.
Sewing Machine repair - Alajuela

Taller Castillo Singer - Authorized Repair Shop    ✔✔✔

By Diane Cooner
If you need to call in the big guns, this is the place to go. They have been there for years and work on all brands. Located on Calle 6 near the central market and next door to La Bobina (for all your sewing parts needs).

updated 16/1/2024
Small Appliance Parts & Repair - Grecia

Electronica Diaz   ✔✔✔

by Don Davis

We just had a very pleasant surprise. My wife had a Cuisinart food processor that had lost its push-button controls and would only work by being plugged and unplugged from the wall socket. Our Spanish teacher took us to Electronica Diaz just up the street from his home. He said they can fix anything electronic, but I didn't hold out much hope for a satisfactory outcome when the clerk with a questioning look picked up the "what-the-heck-is-this" and carried it to the back room. After a brief discussion with someone, he returned with that "no hay problema, senor" smile.In four days, we were called to come pick up our repaired Cuisinart. 
They appear to fix anything containing an electronic circuit, including TVs, computers, small appliances, and apparently food processors, plus have a supply of electronic cords and cables. The price seemed quite reasonable and the result was unexpectedly bright.
Find Electronica Diaz in Grecia 2 1/2 blocks south (200 meters) of Peri market in a mixed residential/commercial area. Look for the sign with the big "LG" and black gate next door at the old, now-empty Grecia teacher's union hall on the west side of the street. 2494-5730. 
See TV repair for a recommendation of their work in that field.
posted 7/2018
Small Appliance Parts & Repair - Grecia and Sarchi Sur

Repuestos Herrera   ✔✔✔

By Anita Mancinho

Note: They have moved!! Now located on the corner 75 meters south of the bus entrance to San Jose bus station.

I passed this place today and remembered from one of the QPG updates that there was a question about small appliance repairs. Well, there's a place I used in Grecia and was quite pleased with the results. My blender had stopped working and I had visions of buying a new one when I decided to walk into Repuestos Herrera to see what they could do. Turns out, the blade spinner was dried out and only needed to be lubricated. Cost - 1000 colones! It's worked fine ever since.
They are located on the same street as the post office. Go two blocks west past the post office and Respuestos Herrera is on the right, directly across the street from the in-town Rosvil supermarket. Hope this helps someone!
Respuestos Herrera also has a store in Sarchi Sur, west side of the road as you head into town.     

updated 16/1/2024
Small Gas Engine Parts & Service - Grecia

Equirepuestos  Suarez   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
Located on the Northwest corner of the central market in Grecia, Equi Repuestos not only sells a decent variety of small engine tools such as weedeaters, chainsaws, hedgetrimmers and the like, they also carry the parts to repair small gas engines for do it yourself'ers, and will do the repairs for you if you prefer.
This is my 'go-to' store for good gardening tools, gas cans, machetes, gloves, and all manner of odds and ends that one needs to keep those machines working.  
Contact Nelson Suarez S. at 2494-4987.
Updated 10/23/2021
souvenir shop in sarchi

Aremsa - Artesanias, Muebles y Mas

Aremsa has moved! New artisan cooperative offering interesting and different crafts plus demonstrations by local artists.

Going into Sarchi Norte from Grecia, pass the "new" gas station on your right, just as you come into town and the stoplight, they are located 2 doors south of the BCR branch.

Updated 16/1/2024
Day Spa - Grecia

Aura Maria   ✔✔✔

by Patsy Jackson
For pure self-indulgence at a reasonable cost it would be hard to find anything better than a facial at Aura Maria. An hour of relaxation, soft music and a hint of incense, soft light, would be beneficial enough without the facial; but the ladies are skillful and professional and know exactly what they are doing to make the most of the hour. When it's over you can't help feeling younger and more beautiful and a look in the mirror and the touch of your skin will prove it was an hour well-spent.
Aura Maria Spa offers facials, massage, laser treatments, 'permanent makeup' (tattoo eyebrows, etc). Well loved by many expats, Aura Maria is a unisex spa - men can benefit from their therapeutic and cosmetic services as well.
Aura Maria is located 350 meters east of the Banco de Costa Rica, in Grecia. 2494-6458.
updated 10/23/2021
Beauty Care

Holistic Facials - San Isidro de Grecia

Juliana Maes is now scheduling appointments for her incredibly amazing facials. She has a strong yet delicate hand, and you will enjoy an hour and a half of bliss under her care! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today, you won't regret it!

Updated 16/1/2024
Spanish lessons

Spanish Lessons with Isabel Arguello   ✔✔✔

by Angie Vacchio
Isabel Arguello is a highly experienced and skilled Spanish teacher, for all levels of learning.  Her background is teaching Spanish to Peacecorps volunteers in Costa Rica, but has taught Spanish over a 30 year period to very diverse populations.  She is personable, enthusiastic, and professional in her approach and I recommend her without hesitation.  Isabel lives in the San Isidro area and teaches at her home, but will come to your home or meet you for lessons at a convenient location (like the Grecia library).  If you’re ready to improve your Spanish, Isabel is ready, willing, and able to help.  
Her contact information is: arguello.isabel@gmail.com 8718-7233. 

Isabel also offers
Interpretation and Translation Services.

New Recommendation from Lynn Conti: 
Hello, I would like to give this recommendation for Spanish lessons:  If you are trying to learn Spanish, I would like to recommend Isabel Arguello Chaves. In just a few lessons I have learned 10 x what I learned taking lessons for 6 months with another instructor. I am finally feeling very confident that soon I will be comfortable speaking Spanish. She has a very organized and effective way of teaching that makes it easier to follow along. I appreciate the logical way the lessons are presented, and it has made it easier for me to progress quickly. Her wisdom and experience has motivated me to take this more seriously and finally get the results I want. She is gentle and so helpful, making what would otherwise be hard work into a fun lesson. 
updated 18/1/2024
Learning Spanish

Online bilingual Gardening dictionary   ✔✔✔

Thanks to an alert subscriber, we can share this great resource with you - this is a link to an online bilingual GARDENING dictionary that was developed by Master Gardeners in collaboration with the University of California. Thirty pages, downloadable, very useful, clear, with drawings. If you are a gardener or have a gardener here, this will be invaluable.
updated 10/23/2021

Learn Spanish Free Online

This may be the best online resource for learning Spanish. They have loads of different tools to help you learn. Nothing replaces a 'live' teacher, but this is close.

updated 10/23/2021
Taxi Services

Randall Perez   ✔✔✔

Licensed red taxi
Dependable, English-speaking, very clean and comfy red taxi service. Lots of gringos have used Randall Pérez and his TA 59 taxi for years, but we've neglected to put him in Que Pasa's "Recommended" services section. Randall is easy to contact and has proven time and again to go the extra mile for many of us. Give him a try.HE DOES AIRPORT DROP OFF AND PICK UP PLUS REGULAR TAXI SERVICES.English Spoken
Randall Pérez Salazar 
Cell: (506) 85335688 
US Phone Number: (973) 6190526
Facebook: Taxi TA 59
Taxi Services

Carlos Rojas   ✔✔✔

Also, on Whatsapp Taxi Service - San Jose
Carlos RojasDependable service in the Greater San Jose area. Be sure to tell him you got his name from gringas in Grecia.Recommended by Lynn Clark.
Television Repair - Grecia

Electronica Diaz   ✔✔✔

by Debi Gedling
I can't imagine going anywhere other than this place to get a TV repaired.  They repair other things but our only experience is with televisions. They are quick, they give written receipts so you have proof of what they take from you (like remote controls and the like), they give you a time frame you can count on, they call to give you the price before they do the work, and then you get a 30-day guarantee on what they do. And they've successfully fixed our large flat screen TV twice--for two completely different problems.  Love them!!!!!  
From the southeast corner of the central mercado, go 150 meters or 1 1/2 blocks south (the street is one way running into the center of town, you are walking against it). They are on your right with a big "LG" sign and a Panasonic sign outside. Spanish only. 2494-5730.
updated 10/23/2021

Tattoo Arte Infinito  
in Grecia    ✔✔✔

Call Diego for appointment 

Spanish mainly, but the language of tattoo is universal.

Oropendula cover up
This piece covered an older faded tattoo. Diego has 30+ years experience all over Central America.
Over 10 years in Grecia
Diego had a storefront near the stadium in Grecia for over 5 years, but had to close it due to covid and now works out of his home.
Totally sanitary, just now more chill.
This piece was done in 1 sitting!
Bring your original art and he'll make it happen. A good person in our community to support if you are into tattoos! More photos on FB
Upholstery Services - Palmares

Muebleria Quesada Upholstery   ✔✔✔

By Don Davis
We have a matching loveseat and queen sleeper sofa, which we brought here from the States. They were desperately in need of re-upholstering. We searched and searched and found no one to do the job. Finally, a friend mentioned an outfit in Palmares. The company is comprised of three sisters. They will provide fabric or you can provide your own. The latter option was the one we chose.

We provided photos of the two sofas, along with rough dimensions and sent it all to the sisters via WhatsApp. Back came a quite reasonable quote along with an estimate of how much fabric we would need to supply. A driver was sent to our location via Waze. He's an independent and is exclusively used by the ladies. We paid a pick up fee (a delivery fee was also due upon the sofa's return), loaded the sofas and fabric and off they went.

Expect the re-upholstery process to take five weeks or so depending on their backlog. The wait was well worth it. What we had returned to us far exceeded anything we could have hoped for--they really look brand new and we couldn't be happier. We also got slip covers for the sofa arms and our excess fabric was returned to us. Note: the ladies speak no English. So, we had Tico friends act as our intermediaries; and it's cash only.
Contact: Judith Quesada, Muebleria Quesada, 2452-0456; 8939-1163.
Updated 18/1/2024
Upholstery Supplies - Alajuela

Barguil     ✔✔✔

This is the original upholstery supply outlet for Costa Rica. The main store is huge, located in San Jose. If you want to save yourself a trip, try this store in Alajuela. Everything you need to DIY.
Extra bonus - next door is the Alajuela branch of Pasamaneria San Jose, which is also larger than the store in Grecia. 
Check out their FB page.
And the map to find the store

posted 18/1/2024
USA Shopping and Delivery service

Atenas Webshop

Recommended by an Alert Subscriber. Check out their website for a list of their complete services.
posted 5/10/2022
Quality Yarn

Tejelandia   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
I stumbled upon Tejelandia quite by accident the last time I was in Alajuela. 
The shop is tiny but loaded with yarn, including a very nice selection of Bernat and Lion brands, not so easy to find in Costa Rica. They also have a workspace in the back where they have classes for various fiber arts (crochet, knitting, easy weaving), and a nice selection of knitting/crochet supplies. They have been in operation for almost 30 years! Very nice people.
Check out their FB page for info and also a map to find them (not difficult, and there is a public parking lot conveniently located directly across the street). Bring your Spanish; however this type of crafting lends itself well to smiles and visuals!

posted 8/7/2022