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Earth Matters CR   ✔✔✔

All Natural Cleaning Products
Help keep Costa Rica - GREEN!
Check out their website,
Contact Cat at or 
Melaney at

Regenerate at Villas Escondidas!
Updated 18/1/2024
Quality Local Food Produce & Products - Delivered

Cosecha (Harvest) Online CR   ✔✔✔

Cosecha (Harvest) Online CR is located in San Francisco de San Isidro de Grecia and previously was raising produce in their greenhouses for many well-known restaurants in the country.
They are now branching out to sell locally produced, artisan-type food items items as well.
Their FaceBook page says: "We are entrepreneurs looking for solutions for our society, offering products harvested with the highest quality standards right to your doorstep. Our 14 years of experience ensure healthy consumption.
"Prices are posted via photos on their FB page weekly.
They take orders Monday - Friday until noon, and now deliver on Fridays or Saturdays according to changes in restrictions in the cantons of Grecia, Sarchi, Naranjo and Palmares.
posted 8/1/2020
Local produce - Organic and Sustainably Grown

Enraizadas   ✔✔✔

by Diane Cooner
Looking for local produce that is grown sustainably? Organic, family grown products? Then follow the link below to visit Enraizadas. Don't worry, you can read their website in Spanish or English, including all contact info.Shop online, pay using Sinpe mobile. Delivery available in Grecia, Atenas and the GAM (Greater Metro Area i.e. San Jose).
Thanks to Cindy T. for sharing this great resource with QPG!
posted 8/8/2021

Gymnasiums - in Grecia

Adrenalina is located about 1/2 km from downtown Grecia, on your left, on the road going to Sarchi, Ruta 118.

Matrix is located on the main road (the radial) coming into Grecia from the pista (highway). On your right, about 4 blocks before the main stoplight.

Cardio Fitness is located on the south side of Grecia's Parque Central, upstairs from the block of businesses. From the sidewalk in the park, look up - you'll see the equipment thru the windows.
All are open approximately 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Equipment and classes and personal training options.

Bring your Spanish!

updated 10/26/2021
Essential Healing Herbal Tinctures

Purabella Naturals   ✔✔✔

A Message from the Yayaz

Hello, Buenos Dias a todos, PURA VIDA! 
Our focus at this moment is on our health to stay strong, and how to improve it.How about taking care of the immune system and our lungs? What an excellent concept! We can build our immunity and strengthen our respiratory system, gently in a natural way with herbal medicine.First, see the IMMORTAL SHIELD. THE herbal extract that helps build your immunity. Or maybe a more specific one, WELL BEING for the respiratory system. They are both ready now & in stock.
Just call 8583-1431 to arrange delivery.
We are available in San Isidro at Casa Yayaz Hotel BnB.
1 bottle for 5000 cr or 2 for 9000 cr.

The line:  
Immortal Shield to boost the immune system
Well Being to fortify the lungs
Achoo to help with the allergies
Focus for the mind, to sharpen memory, clarity, lucidity
Zen to help with the emotional system, anxiety and depression
Power for the digestive system, kidneys, liver, pancreas, gall bladder
Flow for the circulatory and lymphatic systems
Purabella Naturals, Extracts now made in Costa Rica.
Not intended as diagnosis, to treat or cure.
updated 10/26/2021
Macrobioticas (Health Food Stores)

Ruta Sana - San Roque, and now also in Santa Gertrudis

by Diane Cooner

Ruta Sana, located in San Roque, is small in size but stocks an amazing range of products. Located right next to the bus stop between the Hogar Ancianos (Old Folks Home) and central San Roque, you can’t miss it due to their bright green sign that adorns both sides of the bus stop itself plus the store.
Fresh goat milk, bread and cheese, Himalaya herbal product line, basic vitamins and herbs, flours and grains, I really was surprised at the diversity. 

I’m always happy to support local business – these are our neighbors. This store has great potential, they are offering quality products and service to the neighborhood and their prices are reasonable. If you are in San Roque or Carbonal, stop by and check it out. 
AND NOW, also in Santa Gertrudis, there is a partner store, Ruta Sana Santa Gertrudis, about 50 meters past the church (and turn in the road). Fabian is the manager of this store. They are offering the same variety of products to that community.

Open daily, if they don’t have it on-site, they’ll get it for next day.  to connect with either store.  On Facebook.
Phone: San Roque: 7144-4421
Santa Gertrudis: 7144-4233
Organicos Ruta Sana 7146-7689  (to order organic produce, which service has just started up again for 2022. 

Very happy to see that Ruta Sana is interested in educating people about organic!
updated 18/1/2024

Macrobioticas in Grecia

Grecia has a number of macrobioticas, or health food stores. The most visible is located in the Central Market, east side, with street entrance and pass thru into the mercado. They have a good selection of vitamins, herbal supplements, basic foodstuffs, and cosmetics.
There is also a macrobiotica inside of the mercado, they are small but often carry items that their larger neighbor doesn't have.
There are also smaller macrobioticas around town, all carry pretty much the same items at similar prices, so you can usually find what you're looking for without having to go to the other side of town.
posted 18/1/2024

Lidia Rodriguez Odonez - ✔✔✔

by Bev Jensen
I highly recommend the massage services of Lidia Rodriquez Odonez, who is certified.
I've had massage services for 30 years in several countries, and Lidia is among the best I've known.

She pays close attention to your response from touch, and if the amount of pressure is more or less than desired--tell her so. Her English is satisfactory, and, more importantly, she's a warm, pleasant personality. Lidia comes to your residence (!!!), arriving with a comfortable professional massage table, fresh sheets, and wearing the uniform of a healthcare professional.
Lidia also gives reflexology treatments, which is a rarer skill to find and is my own favorite treatment. Reflexology is massage on the chi points in the foot (72,000 nerves end in the foot--so they say). The treatment is both diagnostic and curative. If there's pain when the pressure point is touched, then the corresponding organ (eyes, sinuses, kidneys, etc--the nerve ending of all are found in the foot) is distressed, and continuing to apply pressure until there is no more pain, aids the organ in recovery. The first time I had such a foot treatment I had been ill from a virus, and weeks later the effect of fatigue lingered. When a point on my foot was pressed, an electrical shock ran up my leg--and instantly the lingering viral effects were relieved. My results are probably not usual! But my (late) husband found this foot treatment provided relief from GERD. In the hands of an able practitioner (and you can learn your own most effective points for your health conditions), reflexology is an effective health treatment. And we're blessed that Lidia has the touch!
Give Lidia a call at 6074 4541. 
She currently charges 60 mins for 10k colones or $20; 90 minutes for 15k colones or $30. (sample of rates, ask for current prices).

New Testimonial! - By Judith Bliss
Hey, I want first to thank you guys for listing Lidia on your website; she came to my house today and was WONDERFUL. I don't know if you need another testimonial, but if you do, I would highly recommend her. I realize she lives in Grecia and because of that I paid her extra for the trip to Rosario. She arrived with her husband, who muscled the rather wonderful massage table to my patio, and proceeded to give me a wonderful deep tissue massage for 90 minutes. She is lovely, professional, and knows what she's doing. She is also TOO inexpensive....15.000.00 colones (I paid her 25.000.00) for a 90 minute massage? Unbelievable to have someone come to your house for that! In any case, she's great. Thanks for the tip.

Updated 18/1/2024
Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Holistic Healing

Joscelyne Rodriguez, Holistic Therapist

English spoken!
Call 8820 5050 to make an appointment.
The benefits in our muscular system are also known as it relieves tension, stiffness, spasms and contractures. This leads to an increase in flexibility thanks to muscle relaxation.

During the massage there is also an increase in blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. The above produces a reduction in muscle fatigue, pain and a faster elimination of toxins.
Reiki + massage therapy $35 (60 min); Reiki +massage mixed $35 (60 min); Foot reflexology $18 (45 min); Relaxing massage $18 (45 min); Lymphatic drainage $18 (45 min); Acupressure $18 (45 min); Reiki only $18 (45 min)
Updated 4/25/2020
Ozone Therapy Treatments and so much more!

Regenerate - Now in Grecia   ✔✔✔

Regenerate is the name of the wholistic clinic now located at Villas Escondidas B&B in the Puente de Piedra district of Grecia. You are invited to discover their wholistic treatments, and to stay a day or two (or more!) to chill by the pool or river and enjoy this little slice of heaven located just minutes from downtown Grecia. No need to travel far to find Pura Vida! 
Click here to read their informative flyer.  Check out their site for more info.
Updated 18/1/2024
Personal Trainer

Jennifer Acosta  

Hi, my name is Jennifer, I am a Personal Trainer and a Certified Barre Instructor living in Grecia, I am fluent in both English and Spanish.  Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, increase strength & muscles or just have a healthier lifestyle, it is important to have a personal trainer design your workouts according to your specific needs. 

I work with clients of all ages & fitness levels and help them progress towards their goals. My approach is to continually enlighten my clients and have them step out of their comfort zone to discover & embrace fitness in a manner they have not previously experienced. Can accommodate all schedules to help you reach your personal best. I provide both online and at home training in Grecia and surroundings.

Jennifer Acosta
Personal Trainer
(506) 6398-7331
posted 10/17/2020
Yoga Studio and Event Center - San Francisco de San Isidro de Grecia

Ser La Luz (Be The Light)   -   ✔✔✔

A Costa Rican non-profit Association committed to the enhancement of lives and betterment of our community. Located in San Isidro de Grecia.

Spacious and Lovely:  750 sq ft Yoga / Event space
Expansive terrace and Rancho. Guest rooms, jacuzzi. Easy parking. Easy to find.

Senior instructor Edward Tucker, with over 40 years experience.

Testimonials about Edward Tucker, senior yoga instructor at Ser La Luz.

Mike, retired, Mexico“... Ed Is a true Yogi… His heart is solid and anything and everything he delivers is just perfect...”

“When I am in class with you, as your student and otherwise, you have an amazing way with saying SO much with your eyes and your asana, as well as your words. You take us THERE … And your students will be amazed by how many ‘aha’ moments they have with you.”
Kim Jewel, Sr. Marketing Director and Yoga Teacher, North Carolina
We invite you to visit our webpage:
Or call: 8549-2936

Updated 18/1/2024
Peaceful & Welcoming
Captivating views including the Poas Volcano, rolling hills and valleys. Lush, colorful gardens. Beautiful, gated, private and serene.
Small classes, lots of space
Levels from ‘Chair Yoga’, Beginner’ and ‘Advanced.’
Private sessions are available.
See their website for current schedule.
Views forever, tranquility
Event room has vaulted ceilings and is flooded with light and fresh air.
Perfect event space
Event Space available for birthday, anniversary parties... you name it.
Yoga classes

Veronica Flores

Private Yoga Lessons with Veronica Flores
(daughter of Spanish language teacher Isabel Arguello)
In San Isidro.
posted 7/22/2019