Assisted Living Services

Note from the Editor: Que Pasa Grecia sometimes is requested to post Assisted Living services. We think such a service has great potential to our readers. However, we are not giving these listings our endorsement. Caveat emptor, do your own research. 

Minor A. Villalobos  

I reside in Grecia and have many years of experience as an emergency medical technician. I graduated in the U.S., have experience in customer service, and as you can see, I speak English. I offer my service for elderly care, either for personal care or in-home companionship.
Assisted Living, Personal Assistant, In-home Care

Maggie Rodriguez

-by Diane Cooner
Many people know Maggie as she worked in Grecia area for a long time, then left the area, and has now returned. Maggie offers in-home care, personal assistant services, and assisted living services. Maggie comes highly recommended by everyone that has had her assistance. She is kind, genuinely caring, and is very attentive to people in her care. She also has a great sense of humor!
Updated 1/23/2023

Clara Brown

 I would like to offer my services to care for patients or older adults.
I am bilingual English/Spanish and have 17 years of emergency room experience caring for patients in general. I am a US certified EMT.
Clara Brown or call 8915-4993.
updated 10/26/2021
Que Pasa Grecia

Chiropractica Alesa - Atenas   ✔✔✔

by Dave Murray
It seems like chiropractors come and go around Grecia, but for the last dozen years, Dra. Alejandra Rodriguez and Dr. Sashe Ellison, a married couple, have run Quiropractica Alesa in Atenas. And they plan to continue their practice there. Both doctors speak perfect English. Dr. Sashe is from Michigan. And both afford patients excellent care.
A visit to Quiropractica Alesa starts with application of hot packs and a thorough mechanical massage to loosen up the back muscles. Then the patient sees the doctor who is fully versed in spinal manipulation.
And if your back needs still more attention, there are two licensed physical therapists staff who can provide additional manual massage, ultrasound therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation.
Quiropractica Alesa in Atenas is open Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can call their office on those days for an appointment — 2446-3457. 
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, their office in Sabana Norte is open — 2231-6719.  
Their website is:
posted 4/23/2018


Dra. Natalia Castro Rojas - Sarchi

by Judy Burnham
So I think I have the best dentist in the area. Her name is Dr. Natalia Castro Rojas.  She speaks pretty good English.  More than enough that we can understand each other.
Her office is in Sarchi and easy to find.  Go into Sarchi, pass the ox cart that is in the park on your right.  Keep going straight, and go through the next light.  On your left will be a soccer field and you will turn right at the end of the soccer field.  Her office is on the left.  There is a lot of parking on the street, and her office is easy to get to.
I personally hate going to the dentist.  Too many of them have caused me pain.  Natalia, is very gentle and her office is very relaxing.
Not only does she have the latest equipment, the laser with water to clean off tarter, and all the other things you would expect in the USA, but she also has a television on the ceiling so you can watch any show you want which is a GREAT distraction.
She is VERY thorough.  Checks for cavities, checks all your fillings, checks your mouth uses dental floss, and all the things you would expect from a good dentist.
I highly recommend her. Give her a call to make an appointment, she also works on Saturdays – 2454-1262.
Updated 10/26/2021

Dr. Marco Vega Quesada, DDS - Grecia   ✔✔✔

by Debi Gedling

In my book, any dentist that has me for a patient is not having a good day.  And any dentist who can not only deal with my irrational fears but do so with patience and a sense of humor is a dentist worth taking seriously.  Dr. Vega is such a dentist.
Dr. Vega has been my dentist for over a year.  I have a long history of periodontal problems but my US dentist had been telling me that my gums looked fine for the ten years before I moved to Costa Rica.  I was horrified when Dr. Vega told me I needed work on my gums—I didn’t know if my US dentist had been in error or if Dr. Vega just wanted to make some money off a dumb gringa.  I postponed treatment until I returned to the US to get a second opinion from my original dentist, with whom I had been treating for almost 20 years.  He ended up confirming Dr. Vega’s opinion and they agreed that an extremely deep cleaning (the kind that requires sutures) was warranted.  I have now completed this treatment and follow-up care.  The cost was reasonable—just over $200 per quadrant with no extra cost for follow-up visits. Dr. Vega has also provided routine dental care for me, as well as for Jim (who never, ever has any dental problems and I hate him for it!!!!!), in the same extremely professional, informative, and friendly manner.
Dr.  Vega’s office is located in central Grecia across the street from the park by Pop’s ice cream on the second floor.  His phone number is 2494-4242 and his email address is  He does answer his email and his office is wonderful about calling to confirm appointments, as well as calling to remind you that you are due for an exam and cleaning. Dr. Vega’s speaks English well and has an extremely engaging personality.  He’s young, serious about his work, motivated, and has lots of energy.  He also has a good staff, although you will have to speak Spanish with them—but it’s good practice.
Dr. Vega also tells me that although he is a member of the Academy of Advanced General Dentistry and is thus qualified to perform many procedures, including my surgery and doing implants, he is part of a group of dentists of all types of specialties and they have several satellite offices.  Therefore, all of your dental needs can be taken care of through his network.
Because of his work in other locations, he is in Grecia late in the afternoons and early evenings, as well as on Saturdays.
Dr. Vega is teaching me that it is almost OK to go to the dentist and that is huge for me.  I highly recommend him.
updated 10/26/2021
Smiles Dental Clinic in Grecia

Dr. Rebecca Perez - in Grecia

by Debbie Rudd
Dr. Rebeca Perez is often referred to as "the singing dentist" because she plays relaxing music and is always singing beautifully! She offers aesthetics, root canals, fillings, cleanings, implants, braces, etc. She has a team of specialists that can help if needed. Two friends of mine came from the US and decided to get crowns and cleanings with her. They got fitted, took a week long trip around CR and returned to get the crowns placed. They saved so much money that it paid for much of their trip and they were totally pleased. The man had been deathly afraid of dentists, too!
Her office number is 2494-5889 and cell is 8836-6594. She is located near the Musmanni at the bus station, behind the Farmacia Central, first office on the left. And did I mention, she speaks fluent English...

Dra Rebecca Perez
by Jen Beck Seymour
What is it like to go to the dentist in Grecia, Costa Rica? Well… it’s actually all smiles.
Our friend Debbie recommended and gave us a business card for a dentist in Grecia, when we first moved here back in June 2013. We didn’t have a need for a dentist right then, but kept her card for future use. Several weeks later, a woman who was staying at the property we were at came down with severe pain in her mouth. I promptly handed her the business card I had for Dr. Rebecca Perez of SMILES Dentistry, she called to schedule an appointment, and Dr. Rebeca spoke with her and told her to come in later that day.
The next day our neighbor-friend was totally raving about Dr. Rebecca – said she was amazing and wonderful, hummed while she worked and NO PAIN (key words, for me). Dr. Rebeca totally fixed our friend’s problem and made her a happy, smiley camper.
I remembered all of this, and waited until Greg and I were ready to have our teeth cleaned. Shortly after I made our back-to-back appointments, I had a tooth that started giving me a little pain. This was odd – as I never have problems with my teeth, but hey I had already scheduled our cleanings with the dentist – perfect timing.
That morning we arrived on time and Dr. Rebecca and her assistant were there to usher us in. Dr. Rebecca has a very small space – enough for two patients, a small reception desk and a little room off to the side.
She started on me with my cleaning, and I must say it was a pleasurable experience. Odd words to describe my time at the dentist’s office, huh? The problem I was having, turned out to be a filling on an existing cavity I had that was coming a little loose.
Dr. Rebeca asked me: “We can take care of this right now, if you want. I have time. Ready?” I stuttered and stammered “Um, I guess, okay….” and she was poised with the Novocain needle before I knew what was happening!
I immediately tensed up when I saw “THE NEEDLE” and promptly looked away, as is my practice with all things needle. I am very needle-paranoid (yes, I know, along with tarantulas and cockroaches…  what a mess I am).I was anxious and griping my arms rests – but Dr. Rebeca either ignored me or had lots of experience with the likes of someone like me. She distracted me by massaging my gums and humming (on key!) to the overhead music. She is totally confident and good at what she does, and I must admit that I really didn't feel the needle go in at all! Besides being an excellent dentist, Dr. Rebeca is sweet and young and smart and beautiful and sings and speaks perfect English.
Soon after "the needle" part was done, I became numb, and the rest was a breeze. I didn't feel a thing! It did not seem to take her that long either.
Updated 10/26/2021
Dermatologist - Grecia

Clinica Dermatologica Alvarez   ✔✔✔

Located upstairs from Memo Veterinarian, one block before the Grecia hospital on your left.
This is widely recognized as the clinic to go to for skin issues.
Have your Spanish ready!
Updated 10/26/2021


If you have a doctor you'd like to recommend, please let us know!  Send your write-up to our Editor.
Doctors - Grecia

Dr. José Jiménez, general medicine    ✔✔✔

By Irina Just

It was just brought to my attention that Doctor José Fco. Jiménez Quesada was not listed as a general doctor.  This oversight is in no way a reflection on Dr. Jiménez' abilities, services or medical knowledge. He provides excellent services for ex-pats and ticos alike in downtown Grecia.

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Jiménez since we arrived here three years ago and are very happy with his diagnoses, knowledge and solutions to all sorts of ailments, ranging from finding the correct Costa Rica equivalent of my US blood pressure medication to burning off a  growth on my collar bone - and several consultations in between.

Dr. Jiménez, who speaks excellent English, always takes plenty of time to carefully listen to any problems, explain his evaluation in great detail, make helpful suggestions - and if need be - expert referrals (in my case to Dr. Jonathan Poveda, an outstanding heart specialist at Clinica Biblica).

Dr. Jiménez' has a modern office with up-to-date equipment, including a MAPA machine to monitor heart conditions.

Dr. Jimenéz's office is upstairs from his father's lab, one block east of the metal church, on the one-way street coming from the autopista. Appointments are usually not necessary, however, the office is closed for lunch (from 1 until 2 PM).

His office number is: 2444-0334; cell: 6059-1373;

I highly recommend Dr. Jiménez for all general medical needs and procedures.
Updated 10/26/2021
Doctors - Health Care Clinic in Grecia

Clinica Helenica   ✔✔✔

by Chris Clarke and Ivy Penman
When we want to see a generalist or specialist doctors we are fed up with slogging all the way through the traffic to CIMA or one of the San Jose’s Hospitals. Then you can be kept waiting till the doctor gets around to seeing you.
In Grecia, there is a better concept. Top specialists come to you from the major hospitals where they work… and they are on time for your appointment. They can bring a long list of specialists, from different areas.
So far, we have had successful physio therapy sessions and seen various specialists. Prices are reasonable and the visit becomes stress free.
The modern clinic is 50 yards from the Caja hospital in Grecia, has parking outside and there is an excellent Farmacia right next door.
The staff speak English. Why not try it? Telephone  - 2494 3228 – 2494-5451
- 8393 3168
Updated 8/30/2023

New Recommendation! 
By Salli Skinner-Meacham
I am so thankful we found Clinica Helenica and our new doctor. The clinic is very professional. The receptionists are bilingual. Our doctor speaks English and easy to understand. I am treated by him for thyroid.  He is very thorough; making sure all vitals are within normal limits. If he wants lab work done, I can go to any lab of my choosing, to make sure I am OK. They also have their own laboratory which makes it very handy for patients. It is great not to have to shop around Grecia for all tests needed.
Prices are very reasonable and are listed at the front desk. Close to the hospital, farmacias and health food store.
Appointment days and times of the patients choosing, and easily can be changed if needed. 
There is an off-road parking lot close by. 
I highly recommend this clinic for all medical needs.

Posted 8/30/2023
Ophthalmologist - Grecia

Dr. Mario Barrantes   ✔✔✔

by David Murray
Dr. Mario Barrantes is an ophthalmologist with office hours evenings and Saturdays at Clinica Hellenica* in downtown Grecia. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Barrantes teaches ophthalmology at the University Latina medical school and he teaches opthalmic surgery to medical residents at the University of Costa Rica.
In addition to routine eye examinations, Dr. Barrantes does ophthalmic surgery both in his office in Grecia and in a more sophisticated clinic in Heredia not far off the autopista. (It’s on Waze.) A few months ago, Dr. Barrantes removed a stubborn growth from my eyelid here in Grecia. The experience was perfectly acceptable in every respect.
More recently, Dr. Barrantes performed a cataract surgery for me at the Heredia clinic which has a facility devoted exclusively to ophthalmic surgery. Once it was determined that I had a cataract, he sent me to the eye clinic at CIMA Hospital in Escazu for a computerized examination that determined the exact size and shape of the replacement lens I would need. He then ordered the correct lens from the U.S. and it arrived in just a few days. There’s a rumor that in Costa Rica only one size and shape of replacement lens is available. That just isn’t so.
Dr. Barrantes does about 350 cataract surgeries a year and has done over 2,500 in his career.
My cataract surgery came off without a hitch. In less than three hours, we were on our way back to Grecia with no discomfort but lots of eye drops to administer while my eye healed.
So, if you need any eye care, from a routine annual examination to eye surgery, Dr. Barrantes comes highly recommended. You can make an appointment by calling Clinica Hellenica at 2444-2436.

October 2018

*Clinica Hellenica is a modern multidisciplinary medical facility that offers a wide variety of medical services and physical therapy. It’s located on the right (north) side of the street in the middle of the last block before the emergency entrance to the hospital in Grecia.
Physical Therapy - San Isidro de Grecia

Clinica Integral Biosalud - Diego Alfaro Alpizar   ✔✔✔

By Sheron Bloom
Diego's office is located in San Isidro de Grecia - turn at the Catholic church, go to end of very short block & turn right; Diego's sign & office are on the left.

This young man was a God-send for me! Having blown out my back lifting a futon, I was totally out of commission until he made a house call (!) and put me on the road to recovery.

Diego is very professional, speaks good English and has a gifted bedside manner. After his first session I was ambling along without using a walker and by our second session (five days later) I was able to confidently get around without having the walker nearby.

Besides routine physical therapy using various machines and manipulations, Diego also practices traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure. He conducts gentle exercise lessons in the pool behind his office.

His charges are reasonable and he can make house calls – at least in the San Isidro area.
He is also in the Medismart system.
Contact information:  2444-0200     8896-7724

Updated 10/26/2021
City Committee for Sports and Recreation

Public Pool and Fitness Resources

The public fitness resources of Grecia are the Polideportivo sport center is located on the east side of Grecia approximately 300 meters east of the Cruz Roja; and the Reggionni Stadium, which is 25 meters west and 75 meters north of the same Cruz Roja (Red Cross). Polideportivo offers an Olympic size pool, indoor gymnasium 

Services at Riggionni stadium include the Comite Fit Gym with exercise programs with professional assistants (access for 25 mil monthly, 8 mil for 2 weeks, 5 mil for 1 week, or 2 mil per session). Physical therapists are also available on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5-7pm for a 10,400 fee. There is also an oval track available for free for walking, jogging or running.

Find out more on their FB page.

posted 8/21/2022

Physical Therapy - Jose David Suarez Rojas   ✔✔✔

by Judy Burnham
He helps with the following ailments:
  • Sciatic Nerve problems
  • Arthritis
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • neck and back pain
  • neurological problems
  • stress
  • sports injuries
  • and more.
His phone numbers are 8334-7315 or 2444-5220. He speaks English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Located in Grecia.
updated 10/26/2021
Physical Therapy - Grecia

Diego Bolanos Arias   ✔✔✔

By Lynette Hunt
Diego’s office is easy by going down the main street in Grecia (when the big metal church is on your left) heading down the road. The last block before you get to the hospital you turn right on and his house is two blocks down on the right side. It is the house with the 2 trees on the street. His office is behind his parents house so you enter through their driveway. It is a little bit of a walk if you need a wheel chair. When we arrived, we parked on the street and then rang the door bell. You'll see a long driveway behind the gate where the door bell is, and at the end of the driveway, there's Diego's large office building. You may meet his dad---or mom---or wife first. They are wonderful. He wheeled me from the street all the way back to his office.
His numbers are: 2495 3000 OR  8655 3000 OR 8823 0843.

I went to him after my nasty fall, and he has all the machines and the manual skill to help. 
updated 10/26/2021

Physical Therapy - Heated Pool with Water Therapy, Aerobics - in Grecia    ✔✔✔

by Susan Adams

I just finished my first Water Aerobics class at The Hidroteripia Grecia on Calle Carmona (behind the Grecia Mall) and was pleased with the instructor (who speaks English) and the work-out I received. Having taken these classes in the states I had some knowledge of what to expect and those expectations were met. The pool is comfortably warm without being too hot, and the dressing area was quite adequate and clean.

It is a bit expensive. For example,  a one hour class and one free hour swim per week is 16.000 colones. There are different prices for different amounts of swim time and class time. However I think if you prefer this kind of work-out it is worth it. It would be fun to get an expat class going.  I hope someday they will also have a gym at this location but I don’t think they have any definitive plans.

Their phone # is 2494 1031…. It can be a little tricky to get to but the location will come up on Google Maps. See their Facebook page for details.

Updated 10/26/2021

Fabio Guevara

My name is Fabio Guevara. I am a US-Costa Rican citizen living in Grecia.
Jungian analysis is is based on the theories of Swiss Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. This technique is very well known in the US and Europe, where I studied. Here in Costa Rica unfortunately it is not practiced yet. I have an offices in Grecia and in Los Yoses in San José.    
updated 10/26/2021
Zoom Support Group for caregivers of partners with dementia

English language support group for dementia caregivers

This is a new group that aims to offer support to expats that are caring for a spouse/partner that has or is developing dementia. The first group meeting will be Saturday September 3 at 11 a.m.

Nothing takes the Pura Vida out of living in Costa Rica faster than when a loved one begins demonstrating cognitive decline or dementia symptoms. Without family living in the country, one can feel very alone and frightened about what to do. This is further complicated if you live in outlying rural areas where no resources are available, and if there are, they are hard to find. 
This online support group is being formed to help you to know you aren’t alone. We will have a once-a-week meeting where you can share your feelings and challenges with others in similar situations. Confidentiality is foremost. The group includes those caring for someone with dementia or cognitive challenges and ex-pats who want to bring their loved ones here from other countries. We will invite dementia professionals as guest speakers for some meetings to include an educational aspect and information on available resources.  

Contact: If you are interested in participating in the zoom meetings or just keep informed, please sign up for their email list by sending a Facebook message to Katja.

A useful resource for many occasions is The Artists' Grief Deck, which is visually as well as spiritually beautiful.
Check it out
updated 2/14/2023