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A main purpose of Que Pasa Grecia is to connect people with local goods and services.

Services listed here are offered by members of our community.
Be sure to let them know you saw their listing on Qué Pasa!

Recommended Resources are based solely on the writer's personal experience.

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Consumers retain all responsibility for their choices. "Caveat emptor."

Appliance Repair - Mobile Gymnasium Psychotherapist
Artist - Signs + Handyman
Assisted Living Services Health and Healing Products & Services Real Estate Agents
Automotive Health Food Store Refrigeration Service
Backhoe Service Home Inspection/ Quality Assurance Engineering Rock Walls/rain drains
Barber Housekeeping Roof Repair/ Maintenance
Beauty Salon - Hair/Nails House Sitter Security Systems
Books in English Interpretation Services Services Needed
Bus schedules Jewelry - Specialty Custom Expert Custom Sewing
Carpenters, Contractors Landscape & Interior Design Shopping Service
Carpet/Furniture Cleaning Legal Small Appliance Repair
Catering Service Lodging Small Engine Repair
Chiropractor Massage/Reflexology Spa
Church Services Movies Spanish Language Lessons
Computer Supplies/ Service/Repair Nurseries/Viveros Taxi service
Computer - Apple Sales/Service Opthalmologist Tree Felling/Tree Cutting
Dentists Optometrist Tropical Flowers
Doctors Organic Produce - delivered TV Repair
Drafting & Design Services Party Ranchita Rental Upholstery
Drapery & Curtains Patient Advocate - Medical Veterinarians
Event Center and Yoga Studio Personal Trainer Welding, Decorative
Food - High Quality, Delivered Photo & Video Home Tour Service Window and Screen Repair
Furniture Physical Therapist Yoga lessons - private
Gardener Pool Supplies Yoga Studio and Event Center
General Assistance Propane Service/Supply  


rec logoGeraldo Miranda, 8988-1376

by Cheryl Cantrell

Anyone need a good gardner? One who knows his plants? I highly recommend Geraldo Miranda for any of your needs. He is a hard worker and honest. He has his own transportation and equipment. For our 1.5 acres he generally has 2-3 workers. He can be reached at 8988-1376 but he speaks virtually no English. He lives in San Luis.

by Jeanetta Owen, La Terrazza B&B

Geraldo Miranda has worked for me for several years and has been a friend for more than 10. Geraldo is very honest, loyal, dependable and overall very trustworthy.  My gardener Geraldo came highly recommended from his previous employer before working for me at La Terraza.  For a verbal reference, please feel free to call me Jeanetta Owen at 2494 0970 so I may tell you how wonderful he is.  [listing updated 11/5/2016]

General Assistance

This category includes people that offer services to help expats navigate situations in the community, such as dealing with motor vehicles/Riteve, finding goods and services, etc, ie, someone who knows the system and can help you get whatever it is that you're needing.

Minor Villalobos
Bilingual Personal Assistance

rec logo
Minor's services Minor Villalobos
posted 6/9/2021  

La Tica Completa -
Carolina Alfaro

Are you confused by pura vida? Need help keeping the dust and cobwebs under control in your house? Spanglish not good enough to really understand what is being asked or offered? Is a chayote a food or a type of motor scooter?

Help has arrived in most all areas of life in the Grecia area. Time has opened up for me to offer my services to answer most questions even the most bewildered Gringo or Gringa might have. I am available to run errands, clean house or clothes, offer advice on where to shop for about everything. My joy in life is to help people and being completely bilingual I can help you.

Need an appointment made with a doctor but not sure of the words to use with the Spanish-speaking staff? I can help you and have even accompanied a Gringa to CAJA to register. Having lived in the area my whole life I can recommend places to visit, restaurants to frequent and even help you improve your Spanish skills.

Other skills that I can offer you include working with plants inside or outside plus I enjoy painting rooms and redecorating, even just rearranging furniture. I have contacts in the Grecia area for fabrics and furnishings.

When you want to improve your life here in Costa Rica, call me! References available. Carolina Alfaro 8636-8309 

More than Spanish Lessons - rec logo
Translation Assistance with Isabel Arguello

I want to tell you about a wonderful resource person who lives near San Isidro in Grecia. Her name is Isabel Arguello. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has taught internationally and teaches Spanish to many gringos here and in other countries over the Internet. Her classes are well-structured, conversational and informal.

However, the main reason I am praising her now, is that I had a complex interaction with a garage mechanic yesterday about technical problems with my Subaru and ordering parts from the USA. She came with me to the garage and helped me and the mechanic understand each other: the part numbers, procedures, delivery times, cost estimates, etc.. I am so relieved now because I know the mechanic and I are on the same page.

I recommend her highly for any translation needs with an attorney, landlord, tenants, repair person, etc. She has first-rate interpersonal skills. I am so happy I discovered her.

You can contact her in two ways: cell phone- 8718-7233 or by email: arguelo.isabel@gmail.com

by Marilyn Stevens, 3/2018


Adrenalina is located about 1/2 km from downtown Grecia, on your left, on the road going to Sarchi, Ruta 118.

Matrix is located on the main road (the radial) coming into Grecia from the pista (highway). On your right, about 4 blocks before the main stoplight.

Cardio Fitness is located on the south side of Grecia's Parque Central, upstairs from the block of businesses. From the sidewalk in the park, look up - you'll see the equipment thru the windows.

All are open approximately 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Equipment and classes and personal training options.

Bring your Spanish!

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rec logoJohnny Hidalgo
by Dave Murray

Johnny Hidalgo was, for many years, the appliance repairman for La Artistica in Pavas. When they ceased to be a Maytag retailer, he went out on his own. He should be able to repair pretty much anything for which he can get parts. Johnny speaks perfectly passable “appliance" English. His wife, Tanny, speaks English, too. Sometimes she answers the home phone.

Johnny's email address is: johtann@ice.co.cr His cell number is: 8818-2210
His home number is: 2244-6325 He makes house calls. 

rec logoHarvey in Sarchi
by Tiina Laara

I want to recommend an electrician/handyman (English speaking). He is very service minded and located in Sarchi, his name is Harvey. He has helped us install alarm systems, an electric gate, electric doorbells and other electrical things. However, he also can assist in all kinds of services regarding the home and construction. Give him a call or reach him on WhatsApp. Harvey, 8574-0104 

Handyman/Gardener/House Painter
Theo de Wijs

If you need a Handyman/ Gardener/ House Painter, just give Theo de Wijs a call - he can do it all.

You all know him from the farmers market, he is selling the Tropical flowers.

He also can deliver tropical plants and put them in your yard. 
Just give him a call at 8390 1980. English and Spanish spoken.


By Chris Schoo, 10/7/2019






Health and Healing Products and Services

Ozone Therapy - Now in Grecia!

posted 4/4/2021 See the original flyer here.






















Purabella Naturals

Essential Healing Herbal Tinctures

Our story; basically we are 2 people attuned with natural products from food items to medicinal herbs.

It all began some 20 years ago when we got involved with the food industry and realized we needed to establish an organic line of “goodies”, thus Enchanted Valley was born and under its umbrella very quickly after Purabella Naturals with medicinal extracts, Zhinga with organic juices and Bark with organic dehydrated dog food.

Two years ago, we decided that we had enough of the extremes in the weather, particularly the snow as we were not fans of winter sports. We packed, put the house on the market and drove to Costa Rica with our 2 dogs Remie and Romy and Princess our 16 years old beautiful cat. We opened a small B&B, Casa Yayaz, just under the town of San Isidro de Grecia and after having finished with remodelings, we were introduced by a friend to Dr Juan Tortos. of the clinic Juan Pablo II and Dr. Marvin of Mediplus. Both asked first to try and then to carry our line of Purabella tinctures as a line of natural, alternative products.

With that in mind we began studying the herbs of Costa Rica, Costa Rica being of course an herbal paradise and very soon found that most of the herbs that we used originally in Purabella are here. We had the opportunity to meet an indigenous herbal man of a tribe in San Carlos, another one from Talamanca and an herbalist from Heredia to get familiar with local plants and trees. We also talked to several people that remember the time when their yayaz (grandmothers) would use all kinds of medicinal plants to treat illnesses.

purabella extracts

Purabella Naturals was back and alive again! We took it to Dr .Juan and added 2 totally new extracts focusing on allergies and asthma. Early in 2020, Dr. Tortos moved to San Jose, however, this line is now available directly from us in Casa Yayaz or we can even arrange a convenient delivery place. We hope that they will be really helpful for you as they were in Colorado for all of us lovers of natural solutions.

Purabella Naturals, Extracts now made in Costa Rica.

Available thru Casa Yayaz, (506)85 83 14 31

Not intended as diagnosis, to treat or cure.

A Message from the Yayaz;

Hello, Buenos Dias a todos, PURA VIDA! Our focus at this moment is on our health to stay strong, and how to improve it.

How about taking care of the immune system and our lumgs? What an excellent concept! We can build our immunity and strengthen our respiratory system, gently in a natural way with herbal medicine.

First, see the IMMORTAL SHIELD. THE herbal extract that helps build your immunity. Or maybe a more specific one, WELL BEING for the respiratory system. They are both ready now & in stock.
Just call 8583-1431 to arrange delivery.

We are available in San Isidro at Casa Yayaz hotel BnB.

1 bottle for 5000 cr or 2 for 9000 cr.

Butterfly Project Healing Center

Continuing in the tradition of healer Larry Fisher, formerly of San Ramon and now in Europe.

Welcome to Butterfly Project Healing Center, an experience created to remember who you are through a transformation process guided for your Higher Self.

We offer a set of different Quantum Healing services -sometimes as a retreat or as individual sessions. You will be introduced to various alternative therapies such as sweat lodge, meditation with Tibetan singing bowls, drawing, sweet word, to go deeper so you will be able to restore your wellness. With the companionship of Bruno and Kay, you'll walk the inner path to awareness and remember your true Self.


Contact: Bruno J. Frerard
Whatsapp: +506 8707 7797

Health Food Stores (Macrobioticas)

Ruta Sana

by Diane Cooner

Ruta Sana is small in size but stocks an amazing range of products. Located right next to the bus stop between the Hogar Ancianos (Old Folks Home) and central San Roque, you can’t miss it due to their bright green sign that adorns both sides of the bus stop itself plus the store.

Fresh goat milk, bread and cheese, Himalaya herbal product line, basic vitamins and herbs, flours and grains, I really was surprised at the diversity. And we're happy to report that you can now buy Earth Matters products here as well.

I’m always happy to support local business – these are our neighbors. This store has great potential, they are offering quality products and service to the neighborhood and their prices are reasonable. If you are a Ridge Resident, stop by and check it out. 

Open daily, if they don’t have it on-site, they’ll get it for next day.

organico@rutasanacr.com is their email....

Very happy to see that Ruta Sana is interested in educating people about organic!

updated 4/4/2021

Organic Produce and Products -
Delivered to your home

by Diane CoonerEnraizadas logo

Looking for local produce that is grown sustainably? Organic, family grown products? Then follow the link below to visit Enraizadas. Don't worry, you can read their website in Spanish or English, including all contact info.

Shop online, pay using Sinpe mobile. Delivery available in Grecia, Atenas and the GAM (Greater Metro Area i.e. San Jose).

Enraizadas | Productos Campesinos | Provincia de Alajuela

Thanks to Cindy T. for sharing this great resource with QPG!

posted 8/8/2021

rec logoHousekeeping

by Margie Davis

My fabulous former maid, Yajaira, is available to clean. She lives in San Francisco de Grecia but can take the bus to you. She was the best maid I had in my eight years in Costa Rica. She is thorough, takes initiative, lets you know if she can't make it, and is very honest. She had a key to my house and never abused the privilege. You can reach Yajaira via cell 8515-3566. She speaks Spanish only.

House/Pet Sitters

rec logoHouse/Pet Sitting - Grecia area

Ernesto Tansey has been house and pet sitting in the Grecia área for several years. His rates are economical, at only 10 mil/day with pets. He has experience with dogs large and small, including medication administration. Also cats, birds, and fish.

What a relief to come home from vacation to happy pets and a secure home!
Call Ernesto at 6050-4170 or tangrah@gmail.com.

By Jon Graham 7055-6968, jonenfermero@hotmail.com.

posted 10/9/2019

House/Pet Sitting

joray adWe have lived in Atenas Costa Rica for over 11 years and will be happy to provide references. We have operated an animal rescue shelter for over 50 years so we are familiar with the care of animals of all types. We have been featured in many Costa Rican and US magazines and newspapers. We consider animals to be members of our family and, therefore, treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

Frances and Bruce do the boarding. If your pet/s get along with other pets and is spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines then they will live in our home with us just like our own pets while you are away. We do not cage or kennel animals. We want them to enjoy their stay with us. We can provide excellent references and would be happy to speak with you anytime about boarding your pet or house/pet sitting while you are away. We'll even send you photos of your furkids, while they are with us, by email.

You are welcome to come visit our facility and meet all of us. Just give us a call. Our numbers are 8886-4502 or 2446-0434. Our email is mrbudbud@gmail.com

rec logoHouse/Pet Sitting

I am taking reservations for 2021 to care and secure your home and/or love with compassion your pets
(2 maximum).
Minimum one week at $25/day. Daily visit only: $20/day

I have references......I am dedicated and professional.

Jennifer Schubert

cell 88762297

Interpretation Services

Isabel Arguello

by Paul & Marilyn Stevens

I want to tell you about a wonderful resource person who lives near San Isidro in Grecia. Her name is Isabel Arguello. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has taught internationally and teaches Spanish to many gringos here and in other countries over the Internet. Her classes are well-structured, conversational and informal.

However, the main reason I am praising her now, is that I had a complex interaction with a garage mechanic yesterday about technical problems with my Subaru and ordering parts from the USA. She came with me to the garage and helped me and the mechanic understand each other: the part numbers, procedures, delivery times, cost estimates, etc.. I am so relieved now because I know the mechanic and I are on the same page.

I recommend her highly for any translation needs with an attorney, landlord, tenants, repair person, etc. She has first-rate interpersonal skills. I am so happy I discovered her.

You can contact her in two ways: cell phone- 8718-7233 or by email: arguello.isabel@gmail.com

service logoLandscape and Interior Design

Catalina Salas

Catalina Salas designs gardens. She is also an interior decorator. Phone : 88169009 e-mail: decoespacios@outlook.com ENGLISH SPOKEN 

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rec logoSpecialty Custom Jewelry

by Walt Clayton

Special people deserve a gift as unique as they are.

Back in 1984, while filming great white sharks in Australia, I happened to visit an underground opal mine -- the real Down Under of that sprawling island continent. The infinite variety of shapes and hues and ever-shifting play of colors mesmerized me -- I was dazzled. I dug into my per diem and bought up as many as I could, from tiny ear-piercing size to glowing pendants. For over three decades they languished in my safe, until just now.

Groping for a birthday gift for a Tica friend who has helped me on dozens of projects, I flashed upon those neglected opals. They are just as stunning today as they were when I got them, and millions of years before that. Problem was, who would make the earrings I had in mind?

Meet Marta Mata, a jewelry artist right here in Grecia with a passion for semi-precious stones, Swarovski cut glass, silver, copper, bronze... and sizzling hot blow-torches! Working in her little detached shop, Marta can't sleep once she gets a new design in her head. Up at 5:30 am, a quick café, and she's either pounding away on copper or firing up her beloved propane torch. When it's dark out and she's starving, Marta knows it's time to call it a day.

How did she get started? By making wine glass charms for her daughter's wedding. After that she was hooked, and worked with a partner for two years in Atenas, learning more every day. Chomping at the bit to do her own designs, she split off on her own and built her backyard shop in Grecia, where she now lives. Today she creates a kaleidoscope of unique bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and charms dictated by her clients' desires, the dominant characteristics of her materials, and her own unbounded passion and vision. No two pieces are alike, nor will they ever be duplicated. Marta loves special requests! To see several examples of her work check out the Photo section of her Art Quimia Facebook page.

I am delighted with how my opal earrings turned out, and am now pondering having Marta do a necklace with another stone to complete the set. And then there is the holiday season coming up... more gifts to plan for.

As an extra bonus, Marta speaks good English. Lacking a street number, here's how to find her beautiful home, which she will explain precisely when contacted: Coming from San Isidro on the main road (107) go all the way until you have to turn right downhill into Grecia. But instead of going right, turn left at the Escuela Eulogia Ruiz, go 100m and turn right, then make an immediate left along the school and stay right at the first fork for about 50m. Marta's house in on the right with a big iron gate which she will leave open. Marta's phone is 8833-1488 for calls, text and photos. Or use email for text and photos: marta1506@gmail.com.

Get creative with Marta now!

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Legal Services

Corporation Law Attorney

Mode Legal Counseling

by Walt Clayton

Do the new corporation laws have you gnashing your teeth in frustration? Well, join the club.
I have an inactive corporation solely for my house to avoid probate should I get run over by a sugar cane tractor. I have no business or commercial activity. The corporation is identified by a cédula jurídica number, not a name, for privacy. Now, however, the law has changed so that shareholders and beneficiaries can no longer hide anonymously in case they are laundering drug money. The net result is a series of confusing and costly legal hoops, and if these are not completed within certain timeframes the corporation can be subject to a range of fines anywhere from about $2,500 to $77,000, depending on the situation.

Since I was getting increasingly worried about penalties from conflicting accounts of what to do and when, my accountant (contadora) recommended a nearby lawyer to unravel the procedure. Licenciada Nannie Vanessa Alfaro Ulgalde of Mode Legal Counseling has her home office in Santa Gertrudis Norte and was able to sort out my situation in short order. Step-by-step, she walked me through the process and interacted with the National Registry to get my corporation updated and shareholders properly declared. I had already acquired my firma digital, or digital signature, as a critical prerequisite to declaring shareholders -- another onerous step that she can help with if you haven't gotten yours.
In the end, all necessary changes were made and next steps clearly laid out, without incurring any penalties. Although Nannie's fees are very reasonable and in synch with government-mandated minimums, it still cost me more than the annual corporation fee. On the upside, these are one-time fees, and after the first hoop jumps the annual update is quick and easy.

NannieNannie speaks limited English, but her husband (also a lawyer) and her son speak it well. Their firm offers a gamut of other legal services from immigration to labor law to notary services.

So stop gnashing your teeth and give Nannie a call: 2494-4002 or 8729-5492 or email info@modelegal.co.cr.

Her office is located on Calle Río Achiote by the new Servicentro Santa Lucia gas station up about 300 meters on the right side.





posted 3/8/2020

Lucett Watler

Lucett family svs

Lucett auto svsLucett biz card










rec logoBufete ALFARO & Asociados

Lic. Luis Adrian Alfaro R.
Lawyer-Notary Public
Office +(506)2444-5746/ Fax +(506)2444-0513
Mobile +(506)8993-3938
Email luisalfaro@racsa.co.cr
Grecia, Costa Rica

Real Estate Specialist, Immigration, Tax, Criminal, Corporate and General Law Practice. Fluent in English and Spanish. Excellent references. Listed with the U.S. Embassy, Costa Rica.

Luis Adrian Alfaro, Attorney at Law, was referred to us by Ted and Donna Baker of El Cajon for our immigration process the end of July 2015. Mr. Alfaro is very personable and astute at the immigration process and very quickly assisted us in getting our cedula registration number within just a few weeks. He even took the time to take a car load of us to San Jose to be fingerprinted and smooth the way. We could not be happier with Luis Adrian Alfaro and his fees are much more reasonable than others! We will continue to call on Luis A. Alfaro for all future legal needs. Don & Debra Rogan, Grecia

Luis Alfaro, Grecia's lawyer, was highly recommended to us who understands all the processes in obtaining Residency in Costa Rica. Being new in Costa Rica, we were very happy he was fluent in English, explaining each step and the cost. There were no surprises. Additionally, Luis accompanies you in the residency process in case there are questions, insuring everything goes smoothly. We highly recommend Bufete Alfaro & Asociados who are very knowledgeable and conscientious. Douglas & Lois Sherman

We used Luis to help us with our residency. We have heard many horror stories about bad experiences, both with and without an attorney. However, our experience with Luis has been fantastic. The process has been quick, painless and actually enjoyable. Everything has been done very quickly and Luis has more than exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to apply for residency. Ted & Donna Baker, El Cajon Los Angeles de Grecia

rec logoMaximiliano Arias Sancho

by Debbie Rudd

IMARS biz card am having a will (testament) signed here as well as a full power of attorney. I've seen several expat friends here have serious medical issues where they have become incapacitated and unable to carry out their wishes. I think it is something that we need to address. I have an excellent bilingual attorney named Maximiliano Arias Sancho. Educated at the University of Costa Rica, he specializes in labor law, administrative law, and contracts. He has an office in Palmares but is a law professor here in Grecia at Universidad Latina. He will meet with clients in Grecia. He can be reached at 8849-7590. His email is: Maximilianoariassancho@yahoo.es  

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Finca Vibran B&B

San Francisco de San Isidro de Greciavibran b&b1

Finca Vibran B&B rooms, social areas and dining area have been handcrafted by local artisans to create a rustic, yet modern feel. Local timber was sourced for construction and each room is themed to reflect Costa Rica’s natural beauty.
All guests have access to the dining area, trails, coffee plantation, gardens and 2nd story lookout with breathtaking views over the Central Valley and mountains.

Vibran B&B 2Double Occupancy Rooms
Each 5-Star boutique style room includes a King size bed, mini-bar, flat-screen TV, DVD player, safe, private terrace, space heater, coffee maker, ceiling fans, and bathrobes.
One of the rooms is wheelchair accessible.
Daily cleaning is included and laundry is available for $10 a load.
Meals can be arranged at an additional cost.


ServicesVibran B&B 3
Upon request, we offer a variety of services to ensure that our guests have a relaxing and satisfying stay on the estate.

Vibran B&B 4

The history of Finca Vibran


Contact them at:

phone number (506) 2494-4706      Cell (506) 8708-7713

www.fincavibranbb.com  or  info@fincavibranbb.com


rec logoLa Terraza Guest House

La Terraza Guest HouseSan Roque Abajo de Grecia

By Cheryl Cantrell

La Terraza Guest House is a great place to stay or have your friends stay. Located less than 5 minutes from downtown Grecia, it has fabulous gardens and the best breakfast in the country. I have stayed there and recommend proprietor Jeanetta Owens to friends and clients who have never been disappointed.

Check out her website at www.laterrazab-b.com, email laterrazagrecia@msn.com, or call her at 2494 0970. 

Apartotel La Sabana rec logo

by Jeane Brennan

apartotel 2The Apartotel La Sabana is a charming boutique hotel and was our hotel choice during our excursion into San Jose for the International Art Festival. We were totally impressed with the staff, the décor, the rooms, the breakfast, the price, and more, from the moment of the doorman’s greeting to the final farewell.



apartotel la sabanaThey offer:



rec logoMangifera Hostel

mangiferaby Diane Cooner

If your house is full and you need an extra space for guests, try Mangifera. You would never know that you were in the heart of Grecia when you are sitting in their garden. Located across the street from the north side of the Central Park (between the Chinese restaurant and the pharmacy), Mangifera is clean, comfortable and hip.

mangifera 2Lodging prices vary from 6 mil per night for shared space to 25 mil per night for a private room with private bath. Wifi throughout, cable TV, kitchen. Laid back, chill out in a hammock in the patio garden and contemplate your next move! Travel/tourist info available. Live music events are also regularly scheduled. Marco Chaves Suárez, host. 2494-6065/8838-1195 info@mangiferahostel.com

They are also on Facebook.

rec logoB and B Garden Grecia

By Susan Adams

If you are expecting visitors and are needing to recommend short or long term quarters for someone, consider the B&B Garden Grecia in Sta. Gertrudis Norte. Ronald Alfaro and his wife operate a wonderful B and B that will make you feel at home immediately. The bus stops in front of the house so it is easy to get around by bus or Ronald is available to to take you on tours or to the weekend Feria. I stayed with Ronald and Iliana for 1 1/2 years and their help in transitioning to a new life here was priceless. Ronald does speak English so if you are Spanish challenged as I am this makes life much easier since he can communicate your needs when establishing residency, dealing with CAJA, setting up a Post Office Box or what ever help you might need.

B&B Garden Grecia is located in Santa Gertrudis Norte de Grecia just 30 minutes from the International Airport Juan Santa Maria and 6 minutes the center the Grecia. This comfortable B&B; has orthopedic king mattresses. All rooms have private hot water showers, and the deluxe suite has a Jacuzzi tub as well. Satellite tv and wifi internet in all rooms provide privacy and relaxation. Their RANCHO BAMBU offers you daily breakfast. You can also have other meals prepared for you or do the cooking yourself. They offer guests a free café tour and farmers market tour, and have a daily shuttle service. Check out their website at: bandbgardengrecia.com/ 

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rec logoLidia Rodriquez Odonez

by Bev Jensen

I highly recommend the massage services of Lidia Rodriquez Odonez, who is certified.

I've had massage services for 30 years in several countries, and Lidia is among the best I've known.
She pays close attention to your response from touch, and if the amount of pressure is more or less than desired--tell her so. Her English is satisfactory, and, more importantly, she's a warm, pleasant personality. Lidia comes to your residence (!!!), arriving with a comfortable professional massage table, fresh sheets, and wearing the uniform of a healthcare professional.

Lidia also gives reflexology treatments, which is a rarer skill to find and is my own favorite treatment. Reflexology is massage on the chi points in the foot (72,000 nerves end in the foot--so they say). The treatment is both diagnostic and curative. If there's pain when the pressure point is touched, then the corresponding organ (eyes, sinuses, kidneys, etc--the nerve ending of all are found in the foot) is distressed, and continuing to apply pressure until there is no more pain, aids the organ in recovery. The first time I had such a foot treatment I had been ill from a virus, and weeks later the effect of fatigue lingered. When a point on my foot was pressed, an electrical shock ran up my leg--and instantly the lingering viral effects were relieved. My results are probably not usual! But my (late) husband found this foot treatment provided relief from GERD. In the hands of an able practitioner (and you can learn your own most effective points for your health conditions), reflexology is an effective health treatment. And we're blessed that Lidia has the touch!

Give Lidia a call at 6074 4541. She currently charges 60 mins for 10k colones or $20; 90 minutes for 15k colones or $30.

New Testimonial! - By Judith Bliss
Hey, I want first to thank you guys for listing Lidia on your website; she came to my house today and was WONDERFUL. I don't know if you need another testimonial, but if you do, I would highly recommend her. I realize she lives in Grecia and because of that I paid her extra for the trip to Rosario. She arrived with her husband, who muscled the rather wonderful massage table to my patio, and proceeded to give me a wonderful deep tissue massage for 90 minutes. She is lovely, professional, and knows what she's doing. She is also TOO inexpensive....15.000.00 colones (I paid her 25.000.00) for a 90 minute massage? Unbelievable to have someone come to your house for that! In any case, she's great. Thanks for the tip.

Vital Link Masaje Terapéutico

Come and leave your stress behind you and feel absolutely wonderful.

You deserve to be pampered and to relax in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Enjoy this Relaxing Massage Therapy with Music and Aromatherapy for only ¢12,000 colones. Receive a free facial massage and consultation with Natural Health Products and Weight Loss Programs.

We are located in Turrúcares Alajuela,
50m South of the Bank National.

We will be attending from Monday through Friday
from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, by appointment.

Allan - Telephone: 6013-2626



services logoJoscelyne Rodriguez, Holistic Therapist

Joscelyne offers massage and aromatherapy and holistic healing.

English spoken!

Call 8820 5050 to make an appointment.

The benefits in our muscular system are also known as it relieves tension, stiffness, spasms and contractures. This leads to an increase in flexibility thanks to muscle relaxation.
During the massage there is also an increase in blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. The above produces a reduction in muscle fatigue, pain and a faster elimination of toxins.

Reiki + massage therapy $35 (60 min); Reiki +massage mixed $35 (60 min); Foot reflexology $18 (45 min); Relaxing massage $18 (45 min); Lymphatic drainage $18 (45 min); Acupressure $18 (45 min); Reiki only $18 (45 min)
Updated 4/25/2020  

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The Movies

rec logoGrecia Cinema

by Diane Cooner

There is a very nice movie theatre, with 3 screens, located in the Grecia Mall. I could have been in Northern California (except the movie was in Spanish). Nice comfy seats, a large 'reserved' section (higher priced ticket), further back from the screen. Very clean. Ticket prices varied from 2800 - 4300 colones per person, depending on location in theatre and whether you go for 3D or not. Oh, and your age, too.

They usually have a good selection of the latest movies, in Spanish. The low-down on English language movies from the management is that people aren't showing up for the films. We explained that 8:30p.m. (common showing in English in the past) is not optimal driving time for our demographic... But perhaps we can change this, they just need some nudging and support from ex-pats.

In the meantime you can call the theatre at 8319-2761 (also whatsapp#) for current info. The others are either with or without subtitles and that will be listed on each movie listing.

You can also get the dates and times for the movies at the Grecia theater online at https://www.citicinemascr.com/ With a credit card you can also buy your ticket online in advance, which is a good thing as the theatres aren't huge and it's nice to have a space reserved.

If you cannot negotiate this Spanish language site, try using Google Translate.

No, I didn't try the popcorn. Movie popcorn is bad for you! But it did smell good.

Updated 4/4/2021

Moving Services

Mudanzas (Removals or Household Moving Company)

Rene Soto

Are you planning to move? Rene Soto drives a 20 ft box truck. He has 20 years of experience.

Call or text Rene at 8341-8015 (email address) Spanish only or utilize, at a small additional charge, Giovanny Chaves at 8583-7870 as your English speaking Facilitator or interpreter.

Gringo or Tico: Professional local or long distance household movers in Costa Rica or clean junk or old major appliance removals locally within the Grecia area. 

A dependable and prompt Professional mover, Rene is strongly built and knowledgeable to easily get your home moved safely to a location across town or anywhere in Costa Rica that you desire! Twenty foot, US imported, newer and very modern, well equipped enclosed box truck. A very cautious and safe driver who practices the rules of the road and maintains his truck to the highest standards of safety.

Moving blankets and appliance dolly are available when reserved in advance of your move day.

Please call today to schedule your move or removals at least 2 weeks in advance with Rene at Mudanzas Moving Company 8341-8015!

Mudanzas Moved Us!
by Don & Deb Rogan

Rene moved our household twice, once in December 2016 and again in January 2017, across Costa Rica. From the mountains to the plains, Rene did a fabulous job safely moving our home! Then when we decided to move back to the mountains in Grecia, Rene came and safely moved us back home!  We even rode with Rene up front since we have no automobile!  Rene does not speak English but is a very amiable mature man who works very hard to relay his communications. Giovanny Chaves was there on the phone to interpret as we needed him as well, Geovanny even helped load us while in Grecia!  Rene's wife, Giselle, is a lovely woman who rode with us on our way to the plains! Giselle speaks very slowly in Spanish so you are certain to understand her which is so thoughtful of her for those of us still learning our Spanish!

We could not be happier with Rene! He quickly worked out a great solution to our challenge to get our furniture offloaded when we had a "grande truck challenged" driveway once returning to Grecia this trip!

Very reasonably priced, very prompt and dependable, a cautious driver, and, a very nice and professional man!  We highly recommend Mudanzas Moving Company to everyone! Thanks for finding Rene for us, Geovanny!

Don and Debra Rogan, Carbonal de Grecia 2/2017

Music Instruments and More

Mike Music

Mike Music is the best music store in Grecia. We offer musical instruments, small batteries, audio headphones, 3 wire extension cords, and  small electronic accessories.
Now located in the Grecia Mall.
Open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Phone: 24945812 or 83701415.

Mike Music also does instrument repairs and offers select music lessons.

Updated 4/4/2021 dc

Patient Advocate for Expats - Medical

Jon Graham

by Jane Howe

I would like to introduce a much needed service provided by my friend, nurse extrordinaire, Jon Graham. In fact, if there is one gift I could give to my fellow expats in the Grecia/Sarchi area, this is it.

Jon has been a nurse for 35 years in the US, most recently as a cardiac nurse, but before that as director of nursing in hospice. For the last thirteen years, he has commuted between San Jose, California, and Costa Rica, spending one month working in the US, then living here for the opposite months. He is fluent in Spanish; more importantly, fluent in MEDICAL Spanish, and he thoroughly understands the Costa Rican culture. He has now retired and would like to continue helping people.

Many of you know that my husband and my good friend both died within the last year. Jon was INVALUABLE help and I could not have handled it without him. He has taken my husband to the emergency room while I was gone, was always willing to evaluate treatments, recommended medications to the doctors in the Grecia hospital for Kathleen, which the doctors used. He was able to get past the “dragons” (the guards who insist you can only visit between 3-5), arriving at 7 in the morning to consult with doctors. He accompanied to Alajuela for testing, and was always willing to talk to medical personnel and interpret findings.

Jon is caring, competent, not an alarmist (helpful in terrifying situations), and very willing to help expats, whether they need accompaniment to a consultation, find themselves unexpectedly hospitalized or in an emergency situation, need to understand their options, or need an advocate in the hospital (really important).He has worked with the director of palliative care here in Grecia, who is very interested in having his help with English patients.  His fees are determined by what you need, but are very reasonable. He is very easy to talk with and very fair. I don’t mean to offend, but he has more experience than many of the newer doctors working at the hospitals, and has a way of communicating with them in a non-threatening manner.

So, do yourselves a favor and write down his email, consult with him, because when the chips are down, we are all in a foreign land, and even the best Spanish can fly out the window when you are ill or frightened.

jonenfermero at hotmail.com
updated 4/4/2021

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Plant Nurseries/Viveros

Palm Trees in Sarchi


Palm Trees, well fed and disease-free at Wholesale prices! We live in Sarchi and will prepare any number for pick-up or will deliver anywhere in Costa Rica. We have two types, Royal Palms and Livistonias, ideal for landscaping or driveways, and both types are very wind resistant.

Large orders or one palm at a time is welcome. Less than half the price of local nurseries at @ 29,000 per palm.

Please call for a quote for quantity orders. Contact Scott or Cecilia at 2454-3643 or cell #8916-6193.

English and Spanish fluently spoken.

Palmeras, bien cuidadas, Precios por Mayor! Vivimos en Sarchi y podemos listar cual quiera cantidad para llevar o las entregamos por todo Costa Rica. Tenemos 2 tipos... Palma Reales y Livistonias. Muy resistente al viento. Pedidos grandes o pequeños estan bien!

Llame por cotizaciones por el transporte. Llame Scott o Cecilia al 2454-3643 o celular #8916-6193.

posted 4/19/2019  

Vivero Rincon de la Paz, in Rincon Colorado, Sarchi Norterec logo

By Jan DeCook
Owner: Alfonso, 2454-4714 Employee: Luz speaks some English
Located at the end of Calle San Rafael, which starts in front of the Artist Co-operative (Big Painted Wheel), by the gas station.
They sell flats of mixed vegetable seedlings, 105 plants per flat, for C2,500
Lots to choose from: arugula, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cilantro, green and regular onions, 3 varieties of lettuce, jalapeno and sweet peppers, tomatoes and more...
This is a family run operation and he doesn't use chemicals on the plants. He also sells the recycled potting soil for C4,000/bag.
If 105 plants is too many for you...share with a friend...the price is right.

rec logoVivero de Carlos Quesada


By Walt Clayton

I'm no plant expert, but I know what I like. These four Heliconias all have tantalizing configurations and vivid colors, and are typical of exotic tropical flowers found in Central America. 

To help you liven up your garden with eye-catching color touches, Carlos Quesada just outside of San Isidro de Grecia, can be of help. In addition to supplying lawn grass (zacate), Carlos offers four gorgeous Heliconias in three forms: with bulb, in a bag, and cut flowers for decorating special events, or just to marvel at in your home.

Prices are: C1,500 per plant with bulb (planta en bulbo); C4,000 plant in plastic bag (planta en bolsa); and C5,800 for assorted flowers (flores) per dozen.

Carlos can be reached at 8343-0154 and uses WhatsApp. His daughter speaks some English but is available only on weekends. An English message via WhatsApp may work. Or try by email at jdqv07@gmail.com

So snap up some Heliconias and make your garden happy and the envy of friends!

Updated 4/4/2021


Dr. Mario Barrantes

By David Murray

Dr. Mario Barrantes is an ophthalmologist with office hours evenings and Saturdays at Clinica Hellenica* in downtown Grecia. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Barrantes teaches ophthalmology at the University Latina medical school and he teaches opthalmic surgery to medical residents at the University of Costa Rica.

In addition to routine eye examinations, Dr. Barrantes does ophthalmic surgery both in his office in Grecia and in a more sophisticated clinic in Heredia not far off the autopista. (It’s on Waze.) A few months ago, Dr. Barrantes removed a stubborn growth from my eyelid here in Grecia. The experience was perfectly acceptable in every respect.

More recently, Dr. Barrantes performed a cataract surgery for me at the Heredia clinic which has a facility devoted exclusively to ophthalmic surgery. Once it was determined that I had a cataract, he sent me to the eye clinic at CIMA Hospital in Escazu for a computerized examination that determined the exact size and shape of the replacement lens I would need. He then ordered the correct lens from the U.S. and it arrived in just a few days. There’s a rumor that in Costa Rica only one size and shape of replacement lens is available. That just isn’t so.

Dr. Barrantes does about 350 cataract surgeries a year and has done over 2,500 in his career.

My cataract surgery came off without a hitch. In less than three hours, we were on our way back to Grecia with no discomfort but lots of eye drops to administer while my eye healed.

So, if you need any eye care, from a routine annual examination to eye surgery, Dr. Barrantes comes highly recommended. You can make an appointment by calling Clinica Hellenica at 2444-2436.

Dave Murray
October 2018

*Clinica Hellenica is a modern multidisciplinary medical facility that offers a wide variety of medical services and physical therapy. It’s located on the right (north) side of the street in the middle of the last block before the emergency entrance to the hospital in Grecia.


Dr. Victoria Urena-Porras, Atenas

By Carol Phillips

I would like to introduce Dr. Victoria Urena-Porras to the expat community in the Grecia area. If you're looking for a great Optometrist, Dr. Victoria is the one! She owns her own practice and optical shop, La Optica in downtown Atenas. Dr. Victoria is bilingual and has patients from the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, and other countries.

Dr. Victoria studied Optometry in San Jose, Costa Rica at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, the only University in Costa Rica that offers a career in Optometry. When she finished her studies, she practiced optometry for 8 years with a local chain of optical shops. In 2011 she opened her own business, La Optica.

Dr. Victoria is involved in the primary health care of the eyes and determines the value of vision to correct the visual system using glasses, contact lenses or vision therapy. She is also able to detect pathological and systematic conditions in the eyes and refer her patients to specialists as needed.

Dr. Victoria has the latest technology to test your vision and a variety of frames. She provides products and services to children, adolescents and adults. If you need an eye exam, new frames, lenses, repairs for your current frames, or contact lenses Dr. Victoria can serve you. For those who need further examinations and specialized care for your eyes, she has a referral service of trusted Ophthalmologists.

Dr. Victoria is a qualified professional and has the backing of the Colegio de Optometristas.

I was very pleased with Dr. Victoria's service. My prescription was perfect and I love my new frames. I actually received much better service from Dr. Victoria than the last time I got new glasses in the United States!

Dr. Victoria's Contact Information: Phone: 2446-6537
Email: laoptica.cr@gmail.com

Address: 100 mts oeste Iglesia Catolica, diagonal a la entrada de la Radial, Atenas.
(100 mts west Catholic Church, diagonal to the entrance of the Radial, Atenas.)
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm  

Personal Trainer

Jennifer Acosta

Hi, my name is Jennifer, I am a Personal Trainer and a Certified Barre Instructor living in Grecia, I am fluent in both English and Spanish.  Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, increase strength & muscles or just have a healthier lifestyle, it is important to have a personal trainer design your workouts according to your specific needs. 

I work with clients of all ages & fitness levels and help them progress towards their goals. My approach is to continually enlighten my clients and have them step out of their comfort zone to discover & embrace fitness in a manner they have not previously experienced. Can accommodate all schedules to help you reach your personal best. I provide both online and at home training in Grecia and surroundings.

Jennifer Acosta
Personal Trainer
(506) 6398-7331

posted 10/17/2020

Photo & Video Home Tour Service

Walt Claytonphoto of beautiful home

Pictures Sell!!

.. so if a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video would be worth!

When I put my Las Vegas house up for sale to move to Costa Rica, I wanted to show it in all its glory. Since it was going on the market in March, when it was cold and drab and all the plants and trees were bare of greenery, I shot my video tour during the summer, with my garden in full color. I wanted a potential buyer in winter to know what it looked like the rest of the year. The video paid off handsomely, and I made a tidy profit.

Having worked for decades in the film industry, I've become very familiar with videography and photography. For my full background, please visit:  http://www.firststryke.com.

Since I've seen how long it often takes to sell a house, especially when there may be great urgency to sell, I decided to offer a photo & video service to help speed up the process. Options run from a straightforward photo walk-thru to a simple 7-8 video to a comprehensive, full-blown video tour with editing, narration and titling. To see each option, with pricing and terms, please visit:  http://photovideohometours.blogspot.com

If you're in need of selling a home, and perhaps quickly, maybe I can help. I'll sure give it my best shot!

Walt Clayton
San Isidro de Grecia
2444-4237 landline & answering machine
6246-6015 cellphone & text

Pool Supply & Maintenance

Grecia does in fact have a pool supply store. They are not always open as they also offer pool maintenance.

pool supply Call for hours and service info.

English spoken.

Greco Piscinas Y Mas (Pool Supply) is located 125 m north of ICE, same side of street, 3 doors down from Panaderia Grecia.

You can also find them on Facebook.








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Party Ranchita Rental Available

San Juan de Grecia

Located in San Juan de Grecia, 1 km west from the river Sarchí, road to San Juan. It is a big green, level area, so that anyone like the elderly or people with mobility problems won't have any inconvenience. When we rent it, we are used to do it for the entire day, so there wont be any time limit issue, but if, for example, someone would like to come only for a few hours (lets say 2-4 hours) then we can make a special offer on the price. We consider 2-4 hours as a little while, because usually when families and friends rent our ranch, they arrive at about 8 am to do their preparings for the party, and then leave at about 10:30 pm, once the party is over. This last point takes me to the price issue: we rent it for 50.000 colones during rainy station, and 65.000 colones during sunny station. Our phone numbers are 2-494-6489 and 8302-4909.

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Physical Therapist

rec logoDiego Alfaro Alpízar

By Sheron Bloom

Diego's office is located in San Isidro de Grecia - turn at the Catholic church, go to end of very short block & turn right; Diego's sign & office are on the left.

This young man was a God-send for me! Having blown out my back lifting a futon, I was totally out of commission until he made a house call (!) and put me on the road to recovery.

Diego is very professional, speaks good English and has a gifted bedside manner. After his first session I was ambling along without using a walker and by our second session (five days later) I was able to confidently get around without having the walker nearby.

Besides routine physical therapy using various machines and manipulations, Diego also practices traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure. He conducts gentle exercise lessons in the pool behind his office.

His charges are reasonable and he can make house calls – at least in the San Isidro area.

He is also in the Medismart system.

Contact information:

Updated 4/4/2021

rec logoJose David Suarez Rojas

by Judy Burnham

He helps with the following ailments:

His phone numbers are 8334-7315 or 2444-5220. He speaks English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Located in Grecia.

rec logoDiego Bolanos Arias

By Lynette Hunt

Diego’s office is easy by going down the main street in Grecia (when the big metal church is on your left heading down the road. The last block before you get to the hospital you turn right on and his house is two blocks down on the right side. It is the house with the 2 trees on the street. His office is behind his parents house so you enter through their driveway. It is a little bit of a walk if you need a wheel chair. When we arrived, we parked on the street and then rang the door bell. You'll see a long driveway behind the gate where the door bell is, and at the end of the driveway, there's Diego's large office building. You may meet his dad---or mom---or wife first. They are wonderful. He wheeled me from the street all the way back to his office.

His numbers are: 2495 3000 OR  8655 3000 OR 8823 0843.

I went to him after my nasty fall, and he has all the machines and the manual skill to help. 

Heated Pool That Offers Water Therapy, Water Aerobics and More

rec logoby Susan Adams

I just finished my first Water Aerobics class at The Hidroteripia Grecia on Calle Carmona (behind the Grecia Mall) and was pleased with the instructor (who speaks English) and the work-out I received. Having taken these classes in the states I had some knowledge of what to expect and those expectations were met. The pool is comfortably warm without being too hot, and the dressing area was quite adequate and clean.

It is a bit expensive. For example,  a one hour class and one free hour swim per week is 16.000 colones. There are different prices for different amounts of swim time and class time. However I think if you prefer this kind of work-out it is worth it. It would be fun to get an expat class going.  I hope someday they will also have a gym at this location but I don’t think they have any definitive plans.

Their phone # is 2494 1031….email: hidroterapiagrecia@gotmail.com.  It can be a little tricky to get to but the location will come up on Google Maps.

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rec logoPropane Parts and Service

by Walt Clayton

Sensa outside

OK, here’s the deal. For the fifteen months I’ve lived in my house outside of San Isidro I’ve had problems with my two gas water heaters – one for the bathrooms, one for the kitchen. They would come on sporadically or not at all, with no rhyme or reason behind the malfunctioning. I was taking cold showers, and didn’t want that same fate for visitors. Finally, I’d had it.

Sensa inside

I took both heaters to the Gines distributor and hovered over the techie as he cleaned out layers of soot and spider webs. I took photos and notes as he replaced igniters and micro switches and battery holders. He told me my old gas line was a “bomba de tiempo” (time bomb) and had to be replaced.

For $52 the heaters looked great and tested fine. I was set.

Anxious for a hot shower, I hooked them up as soon as I got home. But it was already dark, so with flashlight clamped in my teeth I connected the bathroom heater, then the kitchen heater. And did something very stupid. I connected the water line to the gas line, filling one heater with noncombustible water. Totally frustrated at my blunder I went to bed angry and grubby.

Next day, I dried out the heater, then tried every possibly gas line configuration, to no avail. Finally, it dawned on me that the heaters worked – I saw that at Gines! -- they just weren’t getting enough gas.

Mario CastilloEnter SENSA, a brand-new shop that specializes in welding and gas connections of every type.  Proud, friendly owner Mario Castillo listened to my tale of woe and looked at the hoses I brought in. In under an hour I left with two custom-made gas lines, new regulators and all the right connectors, pressure-clamped -- and they work perfectly! Mario is my new friend-for-life.

So, for any gas line problems pay Mario a visit. You’ll be impressed by his expertise and new shop with its huge array of fittings. Plus SENSA can do any specialty welding or gas line assembly at your home.

Sensa cardSENSA (2494-5072) is located on the main road just as you leave Grecia for the airport. About 200 meters downhill after the bright blue CAJA roof is a side street to your left directly opposite the large Materiales Arsenio Soto store. You’ll see their sign.





Fabio Guevara

My name is Fabio Guevara. I am a US-Costa Rican citizen living in Grecia.

Jungian analysis is is based on the theories of Swiss Psychologyst Carl Gustav Jung. This technique is very well known in the US and Europe, where I studied. Here in Costa Rica unfortunately is not practiced yet. I have an offices in Grecia and in Los Yoses in San José.






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