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A main purpose of Que Pasa Grecia is to connect people with local goods and services.

Services listed here are offered by members of our community.
Be sure to let them know you saw their listing on Qué Pasa!

Recommended Resources are based solely on the writer's personal experience.

Consumers retain all responsibility for their choices. "Caveat emptor."

Artist - Signs + General Assistance Real Estate Agents
Assisted Living Services Gymnasium Refrigeration Service
Automotive Handyman Recycling Pickup
Backhoe Service Health Food home delivery Rock Walls/rain drains
Barber Home Inspection/ Quality Assurance Engineering Roof Repair/ Maintenance
Beauty Salon - Hair/Nails Housekeeping Scrapbook Supplies
Books in English House Sitter Security Systems
Services Needed
Bus schedules Interpretation Services Expert Custom Sewing
Carpenters, Contractors Jewelry - Specialty Custom Shopping Service
Carpet/Furniture Cleaning Landscape & Interior Design Small Appliance Repair
Car rentals Legal Small Engine Repair
Catering Service Lodging Spa
Chiropractor Massage/Reflexology Spanish Language Lessons
Church Services Movies Spiritual Massage Therapist/ Nutritionist
Computer Supplies/

Taxi service

Computer - Apple Sales/Service Ophthalmologist Tropical Flowers
Cooking & Food Delivery Optometrist TV Repair
Dentists Party Ranchita Rental Upholstery
Doctors Patient Advocate - Medical


Drafting & Design Services Photo & Video Home Tour Service Welding, Decorative
Drapery & Curtains Physical Therapist Window and Screen Repair
Event Center and Yoga Studio Pool Supplies Yoga lessons - private
Furniture Propane Service/Supply Yoga Studio and Event Center
Gardener Psychotherapist  


Services Needed/Looking For/How Do I....?

Introducing the Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page

We are pleased to announce a great new feature exclusively for Qué Pasa subscribers, the Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page.  

We know that sometimes all of us could use a little help in getting answers to questions about living in Costa Rica. There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience among our subscriber base. So, we have started a subscriber interactive Facebook page where folks with questions can get help from other folks with answers. To start out, we are going limit our Answer Page to questions and answers from subscribers.

Description, rules and signups for your private Facebook Answer Page:

  1. Description: this is a private, interactive Facebook page for Qué Pasa subscribers only. It  is a largely unsupervised service and its purpose is to help subscribers get answers from other subscribers who have already been down that same road. It is to be used only by Qué Pasa subscribers to receive assistance from other subscribers by getting answers to their questions.
    It is a free service.
  2. Rules of Use:
    1) as an unsupervised site, always please, be on your best behavior. No intimate, profane or rude language or inappropriate questions. No arguing, politics, name-calling or berating of participants.
    2) No reasonable question should be considered stupid. (Remember some of questions you may have asked that now seem silly or obvious.)
    3) Also, remember that there may be more than one answer and multiple responses are welcome.
    4) If you are uncertain of your answer, PLEASE include “I think” or “I believe” in your response.
    5) Please check the Qué Pasa website first before posting your question. The answer to your question may already reside there.
    6) If for any reason answers become contentious, they will be removed by the Qué Pasa staff.  
  3. Note: this Facebook page will only work if we use it. Please, those of you with some experience or years under your belt “in country” go to our Facebook answer page frequently to see if there is a question you may be able to help answer. If you “pay it forward” and help someone, there may come a time when your favor will be returned.

How to register for and use your Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page:

  1. Because the Qué Pasa Answer Page is a Secret Group on Facebook, it is not viewable by the public - you must be a member of Facebook AND you must be invited to join. So, if you are not a member please go to Facebook and join;
  2. Request the Qué Pasa editor via email to “friend” you on Facebook;
  3. Once you are confirmed, you will receive a notice from Facebook that the Qué Pasa Answer Page is now available to you;
  4. When you have  a question, go to the Qué Pasa Answer Page and post  it;
  5. Facebook will automatically notify you of a response(s) to your question(s) from another member via your personal email; and if you are curious about what questions have been asked and answered by others, don’t hesitate to visit your private Qué Pasa Facebook Answer Page as often as you like and run a search on your question.

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