At this time most restaurants are only open to 50% capacity.
Many offer to-go or Express (to your home) delivery.
Recommendations are based solely on
the writer's personal experience.

Don Felipe is back! Restaurant and Carneceria

By Dan Pent

After losing his wife to cancer two years ago, Don Felipe (formerly located in Grecia around the corner from Casa de Miguel) has come back to our area bigger and better than ever. He knows how to age his meat to get tender steaks which few understand here in Costa Rica. 

Don Felipe opened his shop along with a restaurant to serve his in-house cuts of meat and sausages on Mother day August 15th. You can be served a complete delicious meal cooked to order or you can buy fresh cuts of meats to take home. What a great combination! 

He is located on the Bosque De Niño road about 100 meters in off Calle Rodriguez at the corner of the school. Very easy to find its a big place!

You can come in from San Isidro to Calle Rodriguez, stay left at the intersection and go up about 1 mile to the Bossque de Niño road on your left.
Or you can come up from Santa Gertrudes Norte to Calle San Jose which is also Calle Rodrigues further up the hill.

Restaurant hours are 11am to 8pm Thursday thru Sunday.
Fresh cuts of meats can be picked up any day of the week.
So happy to have him back!  
Phone is 7114-6121 / 8674-6191 / 2444-2531 WhatsApp 2494-6698

posted 8/24/2019

Más Q' Sabor

New Review by Lou Kritz

Looking for that "go to place" where you can get a pleasant lunch, a light snack, or a full dinner? You may just find it at Más Q' Sabor. The name of this Tex-Mex special place means "more than flavor", and their tag line is "Always Fresh." Proprietor Johnny Lara, along with his wife, Karol Murillo, and an excellent and very competent staff, have worked to provide a widely varied menu that is always fresh and provides a dining experience that has great flavor, but much, much, more.

Here's just a sampling of the truly unique menu you will have to scrutinize. Begin with an appetizer and you'll notice the Mexican theme right away in the Taquitos Rancheros, Sopes, and Quesadilla Supreme. It then broadens out with Peruvian Ceviche and Shrimp Cocktail. Next add freshly house-made Cream of Squash or Azteca Tortilla soup. For salad, the selections are a Taco Salad, Caesar Chicken, the delicious House, and an Asian Salad.

Hankering for a burger? The tough decision must deal with the house special Más Q' Sabor Burger, a Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Burger, and a Milanesa Chicken Sandwich. Also, think about the newly-added Bean Burger, designed to please the vegetarians and vegans.

Trying to stay authentic with the Mexican format? Zarapes, Enchiladas, Burritos Chimichanga and Ranchero style, Tacos Dorado, Al Pastor, and Asada, and Fish Tacos Ensenada are just part of the list that offers delectable choices.

For a more filling dinner experience the Seafood and Grill menu will serve. Parillada, a delightful combination of marinated sirloin steak and chicken, with an additional shrimp option, plus sides to round out the meal, will fit the bill. Other choices include Fajitas Mixtas, Peruvian Sirloin Strip, a Fish Filet, and the Pescado ala Diabla, with a tangy hot sauce, and accompaniments of beans, white rice, and veggies.

There are also Executive Meals, which allow you to decide on various options, and a full compliment of Rice and Pasta dishes that are not only filling, but so savory that you'll come back for more. Desserts, again all fresh and house-made. They range from a Strawberry/Nutella-filled Crepe, Lime Pie, and Deep-Fried Ice Cream and are only part of the line-up.

The drink list includes specialty Limonadas, Fruit Smoothies, Ice Tea and the best fresh-brewed coffee this side of the nearest volcano. There is also a liquor selection of craft beers, wines by bottle or glass, and liquor-based cocktails.

Más Q' Sabor offers everything made fresh with great flavor, and their secret ingredient, nourishment, to provide an experience not usually found in such a reasonably priced restaurant. From a light lunch to a multi-course dinner, it's a value here. They've even thought of vegetarians and vegans by adding appropriate items or adjusting your favorites to your program requirements. And, children get special attention with the Children's Menu and an attention to portion size.

Johnny and his team are located on Avenida 1 in Grecia right next door to the correos, or post office. The restaurant opens at 12:00 o'clock noon, and is open into the evening hours for dinner and evening treats, six days per week from Tuesday through Sunday, and closed on Monday. On FaceBook @ mas q sabor, or call 2444-2660 for info or delivery.

News Flash! Just added April 2019 is a Sunday morning (8:30-11:00 AM) Brunch. Simply...Delicious!

posted 4/19/2019

Sushi Arte

by Alisa Dillingham

Looking for a NEW restaurant in Grecia?  Well, look no further...we have SUSHI! And it is called, Sushi Arte by Musashi.  If you are wondering what Musashi is, that is the name of the sister restaurant located in San Ramon.

What I love about our little town of Grecia, is the variety of restaurants you can eat in and enjoy.  Now, I will tell you that our little SUSHI restaurant is an experience.  If you are looking for a grab and go kinda of place, this is not it.  Even if you call ahead, you may have an experience in waiting for your food.  The good part of this experience is that the food is amazing.  The talented Jesus, (the owner and head sushi chef), takes his time and serves you up an amazing display of sushi with an even better taste.  His fish is fresh and the quality is superb.  

Besides having sushi and sashimi, Sushi Arte has teriyaki dishes, rice dishes, temaki rolls, tempura, soups and salads.  It is a small and intimate place located on the corner of Calle Carmona and Calle 4.   (Google says that it is 400 metros sur de Servicentro Alvarado y Molina). But, the easy directions are that Sushi Arte is located on the same street as Peri Mercado, so if you are driving down Calle 4 towards Paca Laca, it is one street back, on the corner before you get to Paca Laca on the right hand side.  They have a nice big black sign hanging outside .  Since the streets are one way, you will either park on Calle 4 or turn left onto Calle Carmona. They also are on Facebook, Sushi Arte.  

I will tell you that I recommend you call and make reservations, Jesus and his wife Evelyn both speak english.  And if possible, order a few rolls, so when you arrive you have something to nibble on while you place your main order. The restaurant only holds 15 people, so space is limited. 

I do hope that you all enjoy our Sushi restaurant here in Grecia, my little family of 5 attempts to go about every month.  And, I will tell you that having 3 healthy growing boys that love SUSHI, this is a treasure and a true find and a great addition to our menu choices here in Grecia.  Oh, and by the way, they have Take Out too.  
Sushi Arte
Hours - Monday - Saturday 11:30 am til 10:00 pm

posted 3/6/2019

El Italiano

by Joe Richard

Grecia has recently seen a number of new restaurants open, as it should based upon the growth of the town.  The most recent is a really excellent Italian restaurant named  Pizzeria Italiana, El italiano.  It is a small restaurant with outside seating as well.  The service is excellent and bilingual.

The best, however, is the food.  Traditional Italian on an extensive menu.  From appetizers including antipasto to wonderful pasta dishes.  There are a number, of different lasagna casseroles from the traditional and including a vegitarian.  The varied pastas are excellent and cooked perfectly.  Their red sauce even my mother would approve.

My last bill for a cannaloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach and one glass of merlot was 8,000 colones.  They also have an extensive pizza listing in the old Italian tradition. Pizzaria Italiano opens for lunch and closes at 10 PM.  Phone:  8750 0732

Directions to:  Go past with Pizzaria Don Hernan on your left,which is on the far side of the soccer field near the St. Francis of Assisi Hospital.  Continue on to the end of the street and it is on the right with a big sign over the door.  If you don't enjoy your meal, let me know and I will be forced to go there and eat again to see why.

UPDATE! Newly re-modeled and now open with a huge outside dining patio and room for live music and bar! Shaded areas as well! Very nice addition to the community! [11/23/2019 ed]

Click here for a little more information.


posted 1/12/2019

Eureka! El Ancla in Barrio Latino

by Diane Cooner

I had been driving past the former 'Donde Papa' Restaurant in Barrio Latino for a few weeks when I noticed some new action there - someone was going to try another restaurant. I waiting until the place looked like it was now open, and stopped in recently to see if I could get something to go.

I was totally surprised and delighted to find that the proprietor is none other than Chef Douglas, formerly of Restaurante Doña Carmen in Grecia. His new restaurant El Ancla (the anchor) opened in July and I think they will be successful there because the food is, of course, GREAT, as is their location - about 1km east from Hwy 118 (road to Sarchi), on the road to San Roque. And there's parking space!

Although this is primarily a seafood restaurant or marisqueria, they have a wide assortment of dishes to choose from. Prices very reasonable, in the 4-8000 colon range. There is also a full bar and a ranchita patio in the front with a beautiful evening view of all the twinkling lights on the hillsides and ridges.

I had the basic fish daily plate, with ceviche costeña to start - excellent!

I ordered 'to go' but next time I will be staying and enjoying the ranchita out front with an umbrella-festooned fruity drink. Find them on Facebook at El-Ancla-Restaurante-Y-Marisqueria.


posted 9/22/2018

Cinco 20 Grill

by Judy Burnham

Cinco 20 Grill is a wonderful new restaurant in downtown Grecia. Directly across from exit side of the new bus station.  

On the corner, it has black chain link fence surrounding it and the restaurant is built with shipping containers, painted black, and pallets.

They paid special attention to details in this restaurant.

Awesome food and not expensive.  Grilled meats, salads and desserts. They have wonderful pasta's too.

They will give you a menu, and you go up to order the food. Room for lots of people.  Indoor and outdoor.

It has it’s own parking lot.

Highly recommended. Open Tuesday - Sunday, 12pm-10pm.

Their FB page is:  cinco20 grill


Casa Real Restaurant

by Don Davis

The Casa Real Restaurant and Bar, located in the new Hotel Boutique Casa Real east of Grecia, is well worth the bit of extra drive. Until recently called the "Haunted House," the structure was built in the 1940s and is about a kilometer east of Chirinquitos del Rio Restaurant on Ruta 118, the old road to Alajuela. The hotel is scheduled to open 1 June 2018. It has been completely refurbished and has seven rooms, a pool, a patio and indoor/outdoor restaurant with upstairs veranda bar.


The Casa Real Restaurant offers a lovely atmosphere, truly wonderful food and, believe or not, great service. This place is a keeper and needs our patronage to make sure it stays around for us to enjoy. So far, I can recommend the salads, seafood, pasta, ribs, desserts and drinks. Boca plates are also available upstairs in the bar. The prices are on par with the great atmosphere, tastes, and service you receive. Reservations are appreciated (but until it is discovered, they aren't necessary) call 2495-2727.

Crema y Nata - Bakery AND Restaurant, Atenas

For the past couple of years, shoppers at the farmers’ market (the feria) in Grecia have enjoyed the bakery products offered by Esau Herrera who sells various types of breads, bagels, croissants, large pretzels, cookies, pies, etc. all of which are produced in his bakery in Atenas. He can also offer Canadian bacon, regular bacon and hams on special order.

The bakery in Atenas has included a small retail outlet, but recently that has changed.

Esau still comes to the Grecia feria but he has moved his Atenas restaurant, Crema y Nata, to a new and much better location in downtown Atenas. There, the menu has expanded and the accommodations are delightful. The menu includes custom sandwiches, salads, coffees, daily specials and more. All the breads and other products are available as well. Ample seating is in a very pleasant covered courtyard.

The new Crema y Nata is open daily from 7:00am to 6:00pm. It is located in a strip mall in Atenas that is easy to find on Waze. If you don’t use Waze, take the back road from Grecia to Atenas through Santa Eulalia. When you get to the flashing light at Route 3, go straight uphill for two and a half blocks and look for the sign on the left. If you get to the Stop sign, you went too far.

Crema y Nata makes a trip to Atenas worthwhile in itself.

David C. Murray
April 20, 2018


Las Orquideas - Chicharronera

by Dan Pent

This is all about Chicharrones, the pork dish known nationally here.

Las Orquideas (the orchids) recently moved into their new location from up in San Isidro which was very hard to get into! There are still signs that will lead you up there along the road - don’t believe them! His restaurant is well known by many locals as the best chicharrones when up in San Isidro. It is family run, most of staff speak some degree of English.
They are open Thursday and Friday starting at 5pm and at 12 noon Saturday and Sunday closing at 9pm. They do serve alcohol and have a large gravel parking area. It is located on the road leaving Grecia passing the CoopeVictoria on the road toward Santa Gertrudis Norte and on to Alajuela. After passing the Coope cemetery, cross a small bridge and you will find the restaurant on your right. The sign has a little piggy on it. It is a rustic log style building with family-style setup.

You can get a plate of chicharrones for one, two or for four. We got the one for four which costs 15thousand colones. The plate for two is 9000.00. On your plate you will get a huge amount of dry rubbed pork chunks, chips covered with refried beans and chips covered with potatoes salad, corn tortillas and lemon wedges. Four people will be hard pressed to finish it all. For 5 thousand colones we also tried their shrimp plate which is beer batter style fried and very tender inside. We tried the ceviche dish which is made from Corvina (sea bass) the best for ceviche dishes. It was very good, you can get a small single dish or a larger dish for two. We have now been back 5 times! Yummy yummy! If you like chicharrones one of the best and a nice atmosphere!

posted 2/5/2018

Savory a la Thai - San Ramon

by Teresa Deshech

While I live in San Ramon, I just came across your site and am enjoying all the recommendations. I really appreciate all the things to do and the restaurants. I just today stumbled across a brand new THAI restaurant just a couple miles from our home. It's really great thai food, and good prices, I thought you might like to try it out for your page. AUthentic thai food so close to home, I'm looking for ways to make sure they succeed. It is called Savory a la Thai. Run by a local couple, he's Tico and - surprise - she's from Thailand.

It is really good thai food that has a lovely, nuanced flavor profile.  Apparently it has been open just about 2 months.  It is a family run business, and the cook is a Thai lady who creates her own curry mix via growing things like fresh lemon grass in her garden, and even makes her own fish sauce. 

You can either order it tico style, or Thai style.  We ordered THAI style, and got the yellow curry and the Phad Thai, and both were great.  The ingredients were really fresh.

It is easy to find in San Juan. From the main entrance to San Ramon head north past the hospital, past Moligas then on to the Santa Maria gas station on the right. Turn right immediately before the Santa Maria station. You'll be going towards Volio and Zarcero.  As you get into barrio San Juan the restaurant is on the right side across from the farmacia in San Juan, just before the crest of the hill. If you see Bar Orient on the right you've gone a couple hundred meters too far.

The prices are regular soda prices, even though it is tourist quality THAI! They speak english and spanish, and of course, Thai! 6012-7722

Editors note: While visiting in San Ramon last week, 2 more people told me about this restaurant and their awesome food, so get out there and see for yourself!

Closed on Sunday and Monday.
(submitted 2/18/2017)

Café Del Patio - Gourmet

by Irina Just

About 3 months ago, a lovely and tasty new restaurant opened in Grecia. Its name is Café Del Patio and to get there, turn at the corner of BROs bar (by the park) and go one block south to the truck route and you'll see their huge sign across the street. The actual entrance is 2 doors to the right and has another big sign, so it'll be hard to miss.

It's on the truck route but you'll be surprised about the quiet oasis you'll step into when you enter.

The all-outdoor seating area is a very comfortable and tropical patio-garden centered around the kitchen and prep station. Everything is neat, clean, bright and tastefully designed - and the bathrooms are not to be missed! The best designed baños in Grecia!

Aside from the daily specials, which are listed on a blackboard by the entrance, they have a vast menu, including sandwiches, salads, soups, local specialties (such as chalupa del patio) and several meat dishes. I've only had lunch there a couple of times, but understand their dinner menu is different.

The first time, I had the chalupa del patio, which was very tasty and the next time, I ordered the vegetarian sandwich which consisted of several types of roasted vegetables piled high on home made bread with a side of fries.

Prices are very reasonable, ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 with the meat dishes being slightly higher. They offer fruit and cake desserts as well.

Café del Patio has applied - but not yet received-  its liquor license and you are welcome to bring your own beer or wine.

They serve fruit juices and have an espresso machine for that after-dinner coffee drink with some of their desserts.

The owner speaks English and he and his staff are very, very attentive and eager to please, with an eye on details.

Next to the patio is a room reserved for private parties of up to 8 people. A special menu for a special occasion can be designed with the chef. (Reservation is a must).



Café del patio is open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner. Their telephone number is 2444-2140; e-mail:

They are on fb under Café del Patio Gourmet

Check it out - I think you will be pleased!

posted 1/6/2017





¿Donde Papa? Antojitos

by Diane Cooner

While I am happy that Donde Papa is doing well enough that they are now located in the Grecia Mall, this comes at a cost - no more express delivery!

The new location, site of the former Arenas surf shop, is trimmed out in simple minimalist decor. Black walls, high ceilings, lots of lights, I'm sure it's packed on the weekends.

The food remains great! They are now serving local craft beer, too! Worth a trip to the mall.

¿Donde Papa? is still open daily from 1130am to 11pm. Eat in/take out.


updated 9/22/2018

Pizza Family in San Isidro - To Go or Delivered

This new Pizzeria is located next to the church in San Isidro. They also deliver!

They offer New York and Chicago style pizza, plus a house pizza and cheese pizza choices.

2494-7309  Click here to see their menu with prices.

Pizza Macho

by Roxanne Ingram

Have you tried Restaurante y Pizzeria Macho in Grecia? It is really good. They have many different combinations of pizza. The Macho and the Mexican are fantastic. We also like the Hawaiian and the Italian made with Pesto instead of red sauce.
Macho used to be located near the church on the main road into Grecia and we were so disappointed to see it had closed. Then later we saw a sign saying they had a new location and so we found it last Friday night.
They also have a variety of other dishes such as lasagna, steaks, burgers, seafood, etc. Nice, clean, new place with outdoor seating on the corner of the street and the place is much bigger than the other location. 50 meters north of the San Jose bus station entrance, on the downhill corner. Phone number is 2494 0767. They also do catering for parties and events and deliver too. They told us they deliver all the way up to San Isidro.

chirinquitosChirinquitos del Rio
by Greg Pekas

We ate at this great place last week, and wanted to share...

If you want an UNDER-priced and OVER-served meal that is wonderfully cooked with fresh ingredients, you really need to dine at Chirinquitos del Rio, just outside of Grecia on the old road to Alajuela.

Consider this: (2) Filet Mignons with potato and vegetable (2) Vino Blanco (2) Ron Centenario Total bill: 18,100 colones! The steaks were done to perfection and we'll be back!

chirinquitos menu 1

chirinquitos menu 2

Bar El Monstruo, in Sarchi Norte

by Tom Rosenberger

I was in Sarchi recently inspecting a new home for Tiina Läärä and on the main road back to Naranjo, on the right hand side I saw that the Bar El Monstruo had plenty of parking in front, so I pulled in to grab a quick bite to eat.

The ambiance was typico and comfortable with a large bar and many tables. The bartender gave me a menu of bocas and told me that their special was a beer or drink and boca for 1500 colones. I ordered a ceviche with a beer and was pleasantly surprised by the size of the boca and once I tried it, I was very impressed with the flavor. The guy next to me had a boca of chorizo with fresh tomatoes and warm tortillas and I ordered one of those as well, and it was great. The ceviche was so good that I ordered a full portion to take home with me.

I recommend this bar/restaurant to anyone who enjoys quality typical food and attentive service. It’s also considered a sports bar with plenty of TV’s, if you’re in the mood to throw a few cold ones down along with some of the locals in Sarchi Norte. 

atoriAtori Sushi y Restaurante

by Joe Richard

“Atori” Sushi y Restaurante has moved next door and is now sharing a locale with the pizza restaurant (Pizza Macho) on the corner.

Now I’m no sushi connoisseur and I’m easy to please. California rolls make me happy. Today I went crazy trying something strange and hoping for the best. Pixsushi: Arroz panconizado, queso crema, aguacate, salmon, kanikama and masago for 4500 colones. Right, not your typical Japanese sushi. Kinda a Tico variation and there are several of them. No seaweed on this one, rather a crispy breaded exterior with a rice interior and all those little things piled on top. I loved it. There were eight good sized sushi accompanied by the traditional soy sauce and wasabi.

A sampling of the sushi plates:
California: Queso crema, Kanikama, aguacate and pepino. 3500 colones
Tuna Love: Queso crema, Kanikama, aguacate, pepino and cubierto de atun. 4000 colones
Ojo de dragon: Salmon, atun y kanikama tempurizados con cobertura de ajonjoli. 5500 colones

Atori has more traditional plates as well. Their entradas range from 2500 to 4000 colones for dishes like Ensalada Portobello, Ceviche, Salmon Wrap and Camaron Tempura. The hot plates are 3800 to 7000 colones for plates such as vegetable lasagna, Yakiton (pinchos de cerdo, pollo y camaron) and Salmon a la Naranja.

Stiven Alpizar, who speaks perfect English, was my waiter and was very efficient. My plate came ten to fifteen minutes after ordering and was beautifully presented. The owner, Josue Quesada, may have a hit on his hands. It certainly adds another favorite to my list of good places to eat.

Atori is open every day from 11:30 to 9:30 except Tuesdays and Wednesdays when they are closed. Starting next month they will close only on Tuesdays. 2444-1250

A tip of my sugekasa to Atori! Note: Atori is now co-located with Pizza Macho, 50 m north of the Grecia/San Jose bus station.

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red doorThe Red Door

by Dan Pent 

My wife and iiI have found eating out rather expensive and a hit and miss as to liking the place or not. We eat at home mostly but have been introduced to two places in Grecia we love to go back to. We would never have tried either of them had it not been for some of our local tico friends taking us to them and trying them out. Both open at 11 am for lunch and supper.

The Red Door - On the main road coming into Grecia from the Hwy, you will pass the "Red Door". A very small place on the N.W. corner of the soccer field just before the hospital. They get fresh fish and seafood daily, the cook speaks English well and was a chef in New York for 8 years. The prices are very reasonable and the portions plentiful. All plates are well presented on large platters in a modest establishment seating, no more than 15 people, bar-style. They do offer take out. One of the best "Shrimp Pasta Alfredo" dishes I have ever eaten also served with chicken if you prefer for 3400 colones. Its a rather large platter with a green salad. His Linguini Alfredo is to die for no matter what you put on it.

red door menuMy wife's favorite dish for 2500 colones is the large breaded fried prawn shrimp dish (Camarones Empanizados) with a salad or coleslaw and fries (I would highly recommend the oven baked potatoes with herbs, just ask the chef for them ). I have tried their Buffalo wings which were very tasty. We have also tried his Garlic herb shrimp dish.

Most days there is a special posted on the board as you enter, or ask the chef what he recommends. One day he said he had fresh lobster (It was still alive in the tank ) it would be baked and stuffed with herbs, lots of calamari, squid, fish and chicken. It was huge, the cost was 8400 colones. There is a full menu page of just ceviche dishes from small sampler 1000 colones or Peruvian cerviche for 2200 - the average price is 2500. All plates come with chips and all of them we have tried were awesome. We have even asked for a kilo of fresh prawn shrimp from his cooler in the front to just bring home with us. And also many rice dishes are available. A Great Little Place!

aquario frontBar Acuario - Grecia's Best Kept Secret

by Jeanie Kunerth

BAR ACUARIO is not your average “Sports Bar”. The name means “Aquarium Bar”, and was probably named that as the front windows that face the street are mirrored so folks inside can look out, but the folks outside cannot see in. That is fun to watch from the inside: Just sayin'!

Native Costa Rican Jose Manuel Espinoza has been owner/operater of Bar Acuario for the past 22 years. He speaks excellent English – something my husband and I especially appreciate as we continue to learn Spanish better! Bar Acuario was originally established in 1922. aquario 2However, it is soooo much more than just a little bar, serving up some of the best “vittles” we've had anywhere in Costa Rica!

We walked by it numerous times since we began visiting Grecia in 2009, but did not go inside until we moved to Grecia permanently in March of this year (2014). A couple of our friends suggested we go there for lunch one day - and a cerveza, of course! Mark and I were, and continue to be, pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food, and the service that goes above and beyond in making us one of the best meals we've had in all of Grecia! aqua 3

Jose is extremely accommodating, with a heart to please his customers to the best of his ability. Every time we ask “what do you have”, he says, “anything you want my friend.”

Here's one example from our personal experience: We were totally surprised one day when Mark said “I think I would like some chuleta – “pork chops” and asked if they were on the menu? “Of course......if that is what you want, we will make it for you.” We put the order in and continued enjoying our cerveza and chat with friends when Jose comes walking by with a fresh bag from the Mercado meat market. He stopped by our table and opened the bag which contained 3 fresh pork chops carefully packaged, and asked Mark to pick which one he wanted. What???!!! Fat chance that will happen in the USA! aqua 4We didn't even know Jose had left the building, and my husband was a bit speechless for a second! Then Jose suggested that some Italiano bread would be good with my meal, and when I said “that sounds great”, so out the door he went again to get a fresh loaf from Musmanni's! At the end of the meal we jokingly said, “Some Tirimusu would be great to end that meal with..” and Jose was ready to go down the street and get us some! What a great guy! He truly aims to please!

We have NEVER had a bad meal-EVER! Whatever you want, they will make it to your liking-FRESH! And, the beef tenderloin meal is, without a doubt, the best, most tender and flavorful out of all the places we have eaten this particular menu item anywhere in town! Jose carefully communicates his customer's wishes to Liliana, Adela and Elena – the three beautiful Tica women who run the kitchen for him - and they do a Five Star job in producing a fantastic meal from scratch! Whatever these three ladies are cooking up back there, we love Jose's and his team's passion and integrity to offer great food! aqua 5

NOTE: IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY OR LIKE FAST FOOD – don't expect to get it here. Everything is fresh and made from scratch, so “tranquilla” and get ready to enjoy one of the best non-prepackaged meals you'll eat in all of Grecia!

The prices are wonderful. The beer is cold. And, Jose always remembers that I like a “vaso ielo con limone tejala con sal” with mine: This is because he takes the time to know his customers. aqua 7We love that he engages in genuine conversation with you, treating you with honor and respect. We feel like family now, and it is one of our favorite places to stop for a cerveza and our lunches while in town. Mark & I declare blessings for continued success on Jose, his family, and Bar Acuario!

Bar Acuario is located one block East of Musmanni's Panaderia, and one block West of the Central Park. You can't miss the brightly colored sign. I guarantee you won't be disappointed when you stop by for lunch. It truly is one of the best kept secrets in Grecia!

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taller 1Taller Hamburguesa

by Diane Cooner

I had lunch today at my current favorite soda, Taller Hamburguesa. You guessed it – burgers are mostly what they serve. They offer a number of choices, meat or chicken, with cheese, onion, bacon, or ham. They also serve a small selection of other items such as tacos and burritos. Judging from the constant stack of buns in bins that they go thru, I’m not their only fan.

taller 2

Their French fries are pretty decent – not as good as the Grecia Social Club (personally I think those are the best fries in town), but Talleres’ are better than most. A selection of beverages is also offered, e.g., coke, ginger ale, tropicale juices. You can call ahead and place your order, to eat there or to go.

They are open late (like, after 11pm). And you can’t beat the price! 1650 colones for a burger, up to 2800 colones for a triple patty version. Fries, 600 colones per order.

taller 3A good burger is not easy to find – Taller Hamburguesa is a hole-in-the-wall gem. Located about 50 meters south from the southwest corner of the central park, across the street from Ekono.  2454-8555.

You've walked past it dozens of times, yet didn't know it was there! Looking out their front door, Bro is the bar on the opposite corner to the left (orange), ekono is across the street on the right. Time to stop in and check out Taller Hamburguesa!


Two of our favorite local bars

by Don Davis

Bar y Chicaronnerea Pele

If you haven’t tried local bar hopping Costa Rican style, get off the dime and give it a shot. It’s part of the culture and is usually a pretty cheap date and a fun night out.

Spain has tapas. Costa Rica has bocas. Bocas are inexpensive appetizer plates, soups and salads. The wife and I are partial to seafood and shrimp ceviches. You’ll find them on the menu of almost any local bar.

“Bar y Chicaronnera Pele,” formerly “Bar y Restaurant Los Ceros” (that sign is still hanging outside Pele’s as well), serves the best seafood ceviche we have ever had. Their other boca plates are not bad either. A couple of ceviches, a couple of Taco Ticos or a couple of their Burritos de Pollo, and a couple bottles of Imperial and you’re filled up and out for almost nothing. Pele and the staff are friendly and the decor is simple “tropical fun.” The bar opens at 5:00 and is on the main road from Sarchi past the I.C.E. electric substation and just after the last uphill bend (on your right) before you get to Naranjo. It’s worth the drive for a tasty, inexpensive “dinner” out.

Duna’s Bar

Duna's Bar is an icon in the small community of Barrio San Juan de Sarchi. It’s across from the school, next door to the church and above the tiny store. The food is good, the atmosphere is friendly and the bartender who has been there on the nights we’ve visited, Rudolfo, speaks English. Duna’s is open in the evening and closed on Mondays.

If you don’t know where Barrio San Juan de Sarchi is located, then directions to Duna’s Bar are a bit long. Here goes:

Directions coming from Grecia Drive past the Sarchi town square with giant carretta (on your right) just over 100 meters to the first street on your right and turn right onto the one-way street. (There is a new commercial building on one corner with a shoe store and on the other corner a boutique, “Eclipes,” and a small ferreteria, “Frosa” behind it on the one-way street.)

Directions coming from Naranjo Drive past the Sarchi futbol field (on your right) and through the intersection with the traffic signal to the next street on your left and turn left onto the one-way street. (There is a new commercial building on one corner with a shoe store and on the other corner a boutique, “Eclipes,” and a small ferreteria, “Frosa” behind it on the one-way street.)

Universal directions from this point to Duna’s Bar You will quickly pass a “Pali” market and the big orange and white communication tower both on the right. Follow the road—it goes straight for about 1/2 a kilometer (past “MCC” ferreteria on your left) and then turns sharply left just past the big “Beneficios La Eva” coffee exporter with a guard station and barricade. Keep left and up and around a hill with one “reductor” (speed bump) at the top. Keep right on the main road as it heads downhill and winds a bit more. You will come to a narrow bridge with the “CEDA” sign on your side. Just past the bridge take a sharp left up the hill and bear to the right. Go straight (north) at the top of the steep street there’s an intersection with a road bearing sharply to the left. Take it and go steeply up and curve to the right. At the top of hill you are in “downtown” San Juan de Sarchi and Duna’s Bar will be just past the futbol field and on your right across from the school.

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La Casa de Miguel

New Review! by Lou Kritz

            A restaurant of the quality of Restauante La Casa de Miguel deserves more than a one-visit review. So, after living in Grecia for over seventeen months, and dining there at least once every two weeks, and sometimes more often, I feel it’s time to laud this one of a kind place. It can honestly be considered the best restaurant in Grecia and the surrounding area. It’s not only become our favorite, but it’s become our go-to place to entertain visitors form the States.
In our 40+ visits, we’ve sampled the Spanish/English menu in all categories.It begins with fresh, crisp salads of simple greens, to chicken and tuna varieties, and a Capresse offering. Follow this with both cold and hot appetizers. Ceviche is delicious, with several types of Carpaccio and Tartar and several soups. Here you will find the house specialty, Ceviche La Casa de Miguel. If you even think you like ceviche, you must try this one. Sister-in-law Kim from Pennsylvania looked up long enough to say, “This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”
Serious entrees begin with a wide selection of pastas. Fruti di Mari, mixed seafood sauce, either white or red, over a choice of pastas. Boloñesa will make you forget the word “spaghetti.”  Loraine can’t get past the Crema de Salmón con nuestra salsa de vodka, or as us gringos say it, “Salmon with vodka sauce.” Beef dishes run the gamut of a selection of locally raised cuts, including a Grilled Mixed Plate of beef, chicken, and chorizo, of course with excellent sides.
The imported beef menu includes Churrasco, Delmonico, New York Strip, a Porterhouse, and surprisingly, the best Grilled Outside Skirt Steak you’ve ever eaten. To say it melts in your mouth is an understatement. Or, If you prefer Mariscos, or seafood, choose any variety and it’s here, grilled, breaded, fried, or in cream sauce. There are both white and tomato sauces, and even a tempting Camarones Kung Pao shrimp dish.
There is chicken in no less than five presentations, topped off by the  Cordon Bleu,  that you will order when you return. Rice dishes go from the typical house rice to Rice with Shrimp. A small children’s menu follows the entrees, along with a large sandwich selection for lunch or a lighter dinner. Desserts, if you make it that far, include Starwberry Cheesecake, Pears in Red Wine Sauce, Chocolate Cake, and Passion Fruit Mousse. If you can’t make up your mind, go for the Flan de Coco, Coconut Flan. Outstanding!. All are made daily on-site and are exquisite.
Drinks available include the standard batidos, iced teas, fruit drinks, and hot tea. The coffee is top quality and individually brewed on order. There is a full bar with a large wine selection and an assortment of liquors that can be mixed.
A restaurant should be judged on its menu and food quality, ambience, service, and value. Miguel’s is tops in all categories. There is simply no other restaurany for kilometers around that offers this selection. Everything is fresh and hand-prepared on order. Enter the restaurant from the street and the ‘business end’ is up front. A large, quiet dining room is next, with the open-air veranda at the back, looking over a calm garden. There is no street noise, just the pleasant sound of the birds in the trees. Roy, the manager, and his staff speak both English and Spanish, are welcoming and warm.
Prices reflect the high quality of both the food and service, but are surprisingly reasonable for this level of dining experience. Simply put, it is well worth the price!
La Casa de Miguel is located on Avenida Central at the ‘top of town’ just three doors, or 50 meters west of the bomberos station. There is limited on-site parking, and plenty of street parking in front of the restaurant. It’s open Tuesday through Thursday at 11:00AM to 9:00PM, Friday and Saturday, 11:00 am to 10:00PM,  Sunday, 11:00am to 5:00 PM, and closed on Mondays.
Phone: 2444-6767

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El Griego

by Kristen Dreaper

If you are looking for affordable, casual, authentically Tico food, try El Griego! Located on the left side of the road that leads you to Paca Loca from Central Park, El Griego offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with fast service and a friendly, family oriented atmosphere. Their breakfast menu is very simple, gallo pinto with an accompanying side such as platanos, natilla, or tocineta. Lunch and dinner include traditional casados as well as typical soups, stews, and heavier meals. It is possible for 2 adults to order 2 meals and 2 drinks for $10, but El Griego doesn't skimp on flavor. They have a very large selection of bottled and canned drinks, and offer natural juices for just over $1. When you are looking for a no-frills meal that tastes great and will fill you up, you must try El Griego.

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ARJE'S Restaurant and Seafood

by Debbie Rudd

with update by Nancy Mirr (3/31/2016)

You may already know this but if not it is worth mentioning. Since I have been here, I’ve been going to a little restaurant called ARJE. They pronounce is “R-jays”. It was just a little soda kind of place but the food was always excellent and the prices were very reasonable for what you would get – like Bacon wrapped shrimp with potatoes, salad and vegetable for only around $8.

Whomever decorated did a great job, I remember a blue, white and yellow theme on the inside with a beautiful front of a VW bus on the wall. Oh and get a load of this - PADDED SEATS TO SIT ON! Please try to support them. I want them to still be here when I return.

Directions - From Subway restaurant at the corner of the park go down to the end of the block, cross the street and continue one half block more away from town. It is on the other side of the street.

The owners are a couple named Arturo and Jessica.  They have a wide variety of seafood items as well as casadas and other traditional food.  They offer delivery and can also do catering.  The prices are very reasonable and each meal is prepared with loving care!

They have a copy of their menu (which is in Spanish and English) on their FB page. There are also photos of their food. Open Tues-Sunday 1130am to 9pm, closed on Mondays.

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Essprezzo de la Casa

by Kim Scruggs

Essprezzo de la Casa (AKA ISABEL’S) is one of those cafes that totally deserves a shout out for the complete dining experience that Isabel, the owner and chef, has created.

If you haven't been to Essprezzo de la Casa, do yourself a favor and take a drive up there to experience a culinary delight.  You will enjoy a very friendly beautiful, atmosphere. The cafe is located at the top of San Luis ridge above Grecia. The restaurant sits on a very sweet spot with expansive breathtaking views of lush cone shaped mountain peaks. You can watch the setting sun from the dining room and there are  some spectacularly colorful displays. The ambiance that Isabel has created is sophisticated, yet rustic. I describe her music play list as romantic and happy.

Then there's the food. She consistently creates a memorable culinary experience. My husband and I have described Isabel's cooking as that of an experienced food chemist. She knows how to combine flavors to please the palate. Her menu has something for everybody with options from Costa Rica dishes to her personal recipes from Mexico and a fusion of both. She uses fresh organic fruits vegetables which are grown on an adjacent farm. If we had to pick our favorite entree, it would have to be the enchiladas, pictured below. This dish is excellent.  She makes a red sauce from guajillo Mexican peppers that are not available locally. The Pescado a la Plancha and the breakfast burritos are some of our other favorite menu items. The strawberry and cream cheese crepes are to die for.  She also has specials from time to time, like her sensational fish soup or her Mexican tamales. The list goes on and on of our favorites. The coffee drinks are fabulous, too. Upon request, she brews up natural tea using fresh ingredients. Her food presentations are photo worthy. We would thoroughly recommend Essprezzo de la Casa to anyone who enjoys a good dining experience and we are confident you will be a return patron.

Essprezzo de la Casa is open on the weekends. Friday and Saturday hours are from 3:00PM to 8:00PM. Sunday hours are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The prices are moderate. Essprezzo de la Casa does not serve alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own. Parking is off road in a private lot adjacent to the cafe.
Contact information is 2444-2967 and 8895-8999

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Mirador Brisas del Monte

by Jen Beck Seymour

The other night we visited a cozy little restaurant up on the San Miguel Ridge, one ridge over from where we live. We went with our good friends, who had been wanting to take us there for a while. The place is called Mirador Brisas del Monte, and really the best thing about it is the gorgeous views you can see from anywhere you sit inside the soda.

You can also sit outside in the back, where they have some limited seating. There are pillars throughout the café and outside with wood carvings on them, which the owner did himself. The owner, Tom, is a friendly guy who is always smiling– he was happy to show us around when we first got there.

A little hidden gem about this place, is behind the restaurant - there is a little casita that Tom had built in the old, traditional Costa Rican style. This casita is very much how Costa Rican people lived in the "olden days", and how some people still live – it shows a lot about their customs and traditions. In fact, Tom told us he currently has a worker staying in this little house .

We had heard the food was nothing to write home about, but after perusing the menu in great detail and questioning our waitress at length, we all decided on our entrees. Prices were pretty decent, and here's what we had: chicken fingers, chalupa, chilfrijo and dirty rice. We all tasted each others entrees and thought it tasted pretty good. But like I said – if you don’t go to this place for the food, go at least to have a drink and look at the view. Well worth it!

Brisas is open Friday through Sunday, 11am – 11pm, and is located on the San Miguel Ridge - just drive up the ridge until you see it, it’ll be on the left hand side, here’s their facebook page: 

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