Upcoming Events

Don't leave home without your mask!  Still required to enter many public places!
various dates starting May 16

Non-traditional Garbage pick-up

See the image for dates in your district. This is a special pickup for everything that doesn't go into regular trash, such as microwaves, couches, old paint cans. NO yardwaste, building waste (such as concrete) or lumber.
3 June | Saturday

Sarchi Flea Market

A regular monthly event, held at the Sarchi Norte Campo Ferial, the fairgrounds where they hold the weekly farmers market, 2 blocks behind the Sarchi Church. Anything and everything for sale! 

7am- 5pm. 
Now thru july 2023

Salvador Dali - Engravings exhibit

A collection of 80 engravings by Salvador Dali are now on exhibit at the Jade Museum in San Jose. 

The exhibition, called "The Gala Dinners and The Whimsical Dreams of Pantagruel", will be open until the end of July and arrives in the country in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Costa Rica, the Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) and the Ministry of Culture and Youth. 

The exhibition will be open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., on the second floor of the Museum, which is located in San José, on the west side of Plaza de la Democracia on Avenida Central. 

Dalí was a surrealist artist recognized for his paintings and sculptures. He produced a large number of writings, some of which were published. In these he expressed his main interests, which, to a large extent, gave theoretical support to his artistic production. 

Museum entrance fees:
• Nationals $5-Foreigners $16
• Students and children under 12 years old $2 - Foreign students $5
• National seniors, people with disabilities and children under 5 years old, free of charge
• Sundays 2x1 for nationals  

Now at Arte Latte Cafe - Art Exhibit by Donaldo Voelker

The oil painter "Donaldo" is exhibiting his work at Grecia´s Arte Latte Cafe, on the northwest corner across from the big red church. New paintings are on display, which are located in the back room of the restaurant. Come see! And decide which one you want to put in your home.
And enjoy the best coffee in town!