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Fabulous Hole-in-the-Wall Body Shop!  ✔✔✔
Taller Rodriguez

by Walt Clayton

Taller Rodriguez is a tiny paint & body joint – “taller” means shop – that both inside and out is the quintessential hole-in-the-wall, family-run business. But what it lacks for in aesthetics it more than makes up for in talent and experience when it comes to fixing anything from a wimpy fender-bender to a virtually totaled SUV.  And the results will astound you, hence this review.
The shop is owned by Carlos Rodriguez, with over 35 years in body repair and painting. His son, also Carlos, has a mere 18 years of experience. When they work their magic on mangled sheet metal I challenge you to find where the damage was, but what really impressed me was their expertise in color matching.
All vehicles come with color codes, usually found inside the door on the driver’s side. Depending on the car’s exposure to sun and the elements, the actual color may vary slightly from the original. So just knowing the code isn’t enough, you have to know how to tweak the paint so it flawlessly matches that surrounding the repaired area. And this is what Carlos & Carlos do best. The first time I saw a nastily dented bumper they repaired and painted, I was amazed. It looked factory-new.
And you can’t beat the prices. A crunched bumper or fender that in the States would cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace, runs roughly $70 to $90 at C&C’s place. At these rates, I decided to greenlight some other repairs that normally I would have let go. My car will look almost showroom new, and sparkly. 
That worn cliché,
“Never judge a book by its cover,” could never be truer in the case of my latest discovery –
this time a Tico body shop tucked away in the winding roads of the San Miguel barrio.
Looks aren't everything
Since my first trip, I have referred six other dent-challenged gringos to the shop for repairs, painting and even a waxing & buffing job that leaves one gawking at the original beauty of their car. The transformation is incredible.
Carlos Jr hard at it
Easier than Google maps
Perhaps the biggest challenge is finding the shop, so I drew up a map that should do the trick. Give these guys a try and you’ll be delighted, and wind up referring all your friends who have been putting off a body repair.      
Que Pasa Grecia

Taller Luan - Luis Alfaro Auto Body Repair, San Isidro  ✔✔✔

By Wingfields
It is not too often that we can wholeheartedly recommend the services of a motor vehicle body specialist.  But we have been more than fortunate to have met Luis Alfaro a number of years ago when we needed a small amount of body work done to our older 4x4. All his work has been of excellent quality, delivery when promised together with very competitive prices and a guarantee that he stands by.
Luis speaks excellent English. His workshop is situated approximately 200 meters north of the Catholic Church in San Isidro - on the left hand side directly after the coffee bean collection point.
His cell # is 8842 7431 and home 8517 1062, email address :
Taller Luan
by Judy Burnham

Great Car Body Shop - The rear door of my new but used car, a Suzuki Sidekick, had lots of rust, cracks in the door and an exterior spare tire mount. While driving it made rattling noises and I was afraid that the spare tire was going to eventually fall off and roll into any car driving behind me.
I went down the street from my house to a body shop that is located up from the San Isidro church, and right next to the Monte Carlo Bar/Restaurant. Although the name of the shop is Taller Luan, I learned that from the owner. I saw no sign with the name on it. I asked for an estimate and they quoted me 50,000 colones to repair the cracks, get rid of all the rust and re-paint the door. They got it all done in 1 day even though they told me it would be 2 days to do all the work. Needless to say I was amazed and it doesn't rattle anymore and it looks great. They even washed the whole car for me.
I highly recommend them to anyone that needs either suspension work or body work done on their car. I thought they were very reasonable in price. The guy that did most of the work speaks only Spanish and his name is Luis, but the owner speaks English very well and his name is Luan. The phone numbers given to me by Luis are 8842-7431 and 2494-8670.

Get your (car's) body into shape!

by Walt Clayton 

Whoever coined "never judge a book by its cover" was onto something. I'm talking now about a body and paint shop that is the quintessential hole-in-the-wall outfit from the outside [as are so many neighborhood shops! Ed.]  but delivers surprisingly high-quality workmanship and expert painting at very reasonable cost. Owner Braulio Oviedo is a licensed mechanic, but his real specialty is painting and color matching. Along with his brother Gustavo, whose expertise is restoring crash-damaged metal, they deliver repaired vehicles that look close to factory-new. If you don't let yourself be put off by the Fifth World appearance of their so-called shop, you'll get a great deal on body work and wind up recommending Braulio to others. Admittedly, I had severe doubts at first, but after a test job I was sold, and I've been going there ever since. Braulio can do light mechanical work along with a paint job, and he impressed me one Sunday by installing new bushings for the rear wheels. When he hit a snag because another mechanic improperly tightened -- and ruined -- five lug nuts on one wheel, he was not to be deterred. He got on his cell, found the parts, and scooted over on his moto to get them. The bushings were installed and I got my car back without delay.  
Braulio's "shop" is located a few kilometers up the hill from San Isidro. With WAZE enter Ser la Luz Retreat and it's about 400m more on the right-hand side (see green dot on the attached map). Even if you speak passable Spanish, you'll be challenged to understand his machinegun-fast speech. But if you want to try out his skills, I'm happy to help translating and finding his place.
Braulio: 6251-9710 WhatsApp.
Walt Clayton 6246-6015 WhatsApp.

Posted 19/10/2023

Every ridge has a great auto body shop!

Honest with references!
Braulio has good references and is honest, dependable, and not a gringo-gouger. In fact, I often pay extra because I don't think he charges enough for such excellent work.
Near Ser La Luz Retreat
With WAZE enter Ser la Luz Retreat and it's about 400m more on the right-hand side (see green dot on the attached map).
Time to fix those dings!
or worse!
Auto Electric

Taller Electromechanico EHG

Comes recommended by locals as the go-to auto electric guy. We do not have experience, but... if you use this service, please let us know about it so we can share with the community.
On the road out of Grecia heading to Cooperative Victoria, on your left near the bus garages.
posted 10/25/2021

Auto Upholstery and MORE   ✔✔✔

By Judy Burnham
These two guys replaced 6 cushions for me for 50,000 colones and put in amazing foam.  
These cushions will last for many, many years to come.
They also do car seats and anything that needs foam.

Their FB page:
They are in San Roque and are highly recommended.

posted 3/2/2021

Auto Detailing/Cleaning in San Ramon   ✔✔✔

by Harv Brinson

If you want to have your vehicle thoroughly and professionally cleaned, I do not hesitate to recommend Christian Quiros in San Ramon. I just had the engine compartment and undercarriage power washed by Christian, and he did a great job, protecting all the electronic components for the power wash, then hand cleaning after that was done. He actually detailed the engine. In addition, he washed the wheels and applied rubber conditioner to the tires.
His shop is fully equipped and he carries a full line of care car products that he uses generously to assure a quality job. He worked hard and continuously for over an hour, and the charge was eight thousand colones. If you want the whole shebang, motor, chassis, interior, exterior, hand wax and all, it's twenty-nine thousand colones and takes about three hours.
As an example, I asked Christian to demonstrate how he cleans inside the A/C vents, as I did not see any of the long-handle cotton swabs that I use for this. Christian pulled a paint brush off his tool rack, sprayed cleaner in the vent, cleaned it, blew it out with compressed air, and showed this old dog a new trick!
Christian can be reached at his cell phone, 6011-7500. He is located just off the autopista past the first (coming from Palmares) San Ramon exit. Take the second exit (this road goes past Ferreteria Jorcel further on) and turn right immediately on to the small dirt road. You will see the sign about fifty meters down.


Besides a lot of used car lots, this part of the Central Valley has a lot of mechanics.

Taller W.A.C.H.S. - Sarchi Sur   ✔✔✔

by Don Davis
For those living in Sarchi or the western boundaries of Grecia in need of a skilled, honest and reasonably priced auto repairman, I highly recommend William (Willie) Alfonso Chaverri Salazar of "Taller W.A.C.H.S.", in Sarchi Sur about 200 meters north of the church and school on the right of the road headed north to Bajos del Toro. He found and repaired a suspension problem that two other recommended mechanics were unable to fix. He was great in preparing my car to pass my annual RITEVE check with flying colors and has been a good resource in recommending me to other auto-related services. He's gone the extra mile and his prices have been very reasonable. He is U.S.-trained (in New Jersey, of course) and speaks English fluently. 8399-5682 or 2454-1400. 
Roberto Lopez

Mobile Mechanic - Roberto Lopez   ✔✔✔

by John Brewer
English speaking mobile mechanic, also with a shop located in San Miguel. House calls in Grecia 8 mil.
Save time $ and relax. Dependable and reliable.
36 years’ experience, 6 in the US.
Professional with impeccable references.
Written Estimates and guaranteed.
Gasoline and diesel.
Contact Roberto at whatsapp 8909-7877.posted 11/20/2020

Taller Moya - Rincon de Arias

Jose Moya is a very experienced mechanic. His shop is in Rincón de Arias, Grecia. He is very honest, friendly and efficient, and speaks some English. Phone : 85837870
Tires and Service

Llantas Algosa   ✔✔✔

by Bill & Tami Watson
We found a bubble on our front tire so went to Llantas Algosa.  It is on the old road to Alajuela, just a short distance from the bridge as you leave Grecia, on  your left. Great service. 2494 0525  

Llantas Grecia   ✔✔✔

by Walt Clayton
Ravaged by potholes and rough roads patched a million times with swatches of bumpy asphalt, my SUV's tires finally called it quits. Thus began my search for good tires at a reasonable price. 
After weeks of estimates all over the lot, my expert body and paint guy, Carlos Rodriguez, steered me to a friend of his at Llantas Grecia. Llantas Grecia is a huge tire shop located on the Los Angeles-El Cajón road just outside of Grecia -- enter "Llantas Grecia" on WAZE or Google Maps and it will pop right up. If you understand Tico directions they are 1km east of the church of Los Angeles de Grecia.
The two key guys are Emanuel Espinoza and Juan Carlos Castro. Hours are M-F 7am-6pm, Sat 7am-2pm. 2444-5637 or 8866-0702 or FaceBook Llantas Grecia.
  posted 11/12/2018
 They have a massive inventory of practically every tire size, and if you need a special brand or atypical size they can get it in two or three days.     
Prices are the lowest I've found, and include taxes and installation and balancing. You can pay cash (efectivo) in dollars or colones for an extra discount. Dollars are accepted at a very favorable exchange rate, much better than what the banks pay. Aside from tires, Llantas Grecia offers other critical services 
all in one spot.
 They do light and heavy mechanical work, alignments with a USA Hunter calibration machine, and they sell useful accessories like batteries, headlight bulbs, and wipers. They can grind brake discs right there, do an oil or fluids change, and clean fuel injectors. Parts can usually be delivered in a day, or within hours if they have them in Grecia. 
I got new West Lake tires, had a vital suspension part replaced, and got a full alignment for $311.
The staff is cheerful and helpful -- they don't speak English but they sure do understand cars and dollars.  I highly recommend Llantas Grecia and will be going back when the potholes force me to get new tires once again!